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  1. Well one link works-kind of. Except yoiu have to click on thr front page botton scroll down to the bottom where it has previous pages and click on page five. It should be on that page.

  2. I was brought up IFB and I was anointed once and my mom was anointed several times (she was sick ALL the time). We used anointing with oil for severe illnesses/major surgeries/lingering illnesses (citing James 5). It wasn’t really an advertised thing in our church, but anyone could request it. You could buy an “anointing kit” with a little vial of olive oil at the local Christian Bookstore.

  3. @phil: I’ve done some study on the James passage and have some familiarity with the various arguments. I’d just never heard of a Baptist church anointing anyone with oil. Most churches I’ve been in/are most familiar with either take the medicinal view of oil in James 5:14, or ignore it altogether. Apparently there are Baptist churches who do take it literally. 🙂 Personally I haven’t done enough study to take a firm position on that passage, though I am open to different interpretations and applications of it.

  4. So, how many people have submitted addiction counselling for visiting this website compulsively?

  5. @Kristy your confidentiality is violated by hitting submit on an unsecure form on the internet. You should know not to hit submit on your credit card info w/o the lock symbol on your browser indicating a secure page, and you won’t see that lock symbol anywhere on that site. It’s not confidential at all from the moment you hit submit.

  6. @exifb LOL. I didn’t submit any actual request but I did submit a request checking everything that would be considered medical information, and my request about it was that anytime they are trasmitting that they need to encrypt that, and not be implying it’s confidential when it’s being submitted unencrypted. I know I’m a geek, but that’s totally ILLEGIT.

  7. Last comment from now. Does HAC have a policy that sex addiction is an actual addiction? I can’t fathom Jack Schaap treating sex addiction as a disease. I’m not sure how much it is the same as any other addiction, or whatever, but selling it on your counseling page as you treat it as just another addiction that you counsel on, when they most likely believe it’s not an addiction and just want to berate people is highly misleading/deceptive. Not that I expect anything less from most fundie orgs.

  8. @ phil – “I’ve witnessed an annointing twice for people in my church who had cancer and requested to be annointed. Both times it was acknowleged that it was God who healed not the oil itself. After the annointing the the ordained preachers came by the person who was anointed and prayed over them.”

    I grew up IFB and never saw anyone annointed with oil, but a couple years ago a new couple who’d come to our church asked my husband to do that, and since it is in the Bible, he was willing. He asked a couple of the pastoral staff to come too, and they prayed for the man after putting oil on him.

  9. I have seen the oil used to anoint and I never had a problem with the oil… it was the fact that only the ordained “preachers” were called to lay on hands and pray… as if they were somehow better Christians, or a special breed of Christian, that somehow they were more holy or more spiritual because they were so-called preachers.
    It is the Preacher Club that is authorized in some mystical, holier-than-thou way to be the administers of the oil… and the Holy Hand grenades….”Three shall be the number…”

    Well so many of them are selling it… they might as well be administering it as well I guess.

  10. I think my husband just used oil from the local grocery store – although I think he did get olive oil. We didn’t get specially blessed oil.

  11. So why would any thinking parent take their child to have a photo with a man who talks about slapping grandma? And what kind of constructive counsel could such a man give?
    As for the oil thing, someone asked my husband to do it once. I think he got some from the priest in his office (hey, it was there. Bertolli, I think.).

  12. @exIFB I didn’t submit a request for addiction counseling, but as often as I check this site, I probably should. I can only imagine what the counseling would be after admitting that I’m addicted to SFL & mocking the insanity that is HAC & fundieland.

  13. I hope he used Extra Virgin Olive Oil when annointing people being counseled for sex addiction.

  14. This question is from a conversation from about 30 posts up. Is the church legally responsible to keep what is shared in counseling confidential? Meaning…if the pastor shared confidential information with his staff about a person who he counseled as a way to demonize them and then threatened his staff to keep their mouths shut about the information he shared would it be considered illegal? …” hypothetically” speaking of course (;

  15. I had the horrible temptation to “falsify” the form, request counseling, give my email address, and see what kind of a response I would get.

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