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  1. I did something daring yesterday. I watched over an hour of Schaap’s lunacy on YouTube (some clips mentioned here, like the “stripper mouse” classic), some not (his break with standard fundamentalism over the seriousness of homosexuality).

    Wish I could get that hour back.

  2. LOL,
    I have no problem with encouraging believers to avoid sin, but to think that himself, his church and his college is the metric by which Gid will judge America is pure delusion, pure lunacy. He is no more responsible for my sin, than I am responsible for his sin.

  3. @Fred: I think the guy who posted the video on Youtube usually posts slides of the FBC, I guess for a change to those who view his videos he went outside to near where a shuttle was taking off with just thge audio of Schaap talking.

  4. I propose a motion here on this blog to officially dub Jack Schaap clinically insane. This douche-bag is living in fantasyland if he thinks that their church with it’s legalism, luny preaching and standards is the answer for America. He is seriously delusional, cultic leader that just needs to be taken down a peg or three.

    For this presumptuous, prideful, so-called man o’ God to point fingers at other churches and say they are wrong is completely disobedient to Scripture and how a Christian should act.

    Who are you (Jack Schaap) to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. (Romans 14:4a ESV)

  5. Then let the dominoes fall… the good it would do this country and the cause of Christ would be immeasurable.

    Know how you can tell this is empire worship and not kingdom worship? He exorted his people to be what others expected them to be and not what God in His word says they should be.

    If FBCH is God’s measuring rod then the hand writing is on the wall:

    mene, mene, tekel

  6. I grew up in that church for 20 years…

    It is all about numbers, church politics, and hoping Jack Schaap will see you doing something good so that you will look spiritual.

    They say they oppose communism yet they run the church and college like Stalin would’ve. TOTAL CONTROL.

    Thank you Jesus for delivering me from that cult. I will forever be grateful.

    1. I’ve read a lot of 20th century Russian history, and I’ve been amazed at some of the same interrogation and controlling techniques being used by Fundies. Not the torture, obviously, but the rewriting of history, causing you to doubt the problems you’ve had, the megalomania and the support of megalomaniacs, absurd punishments, gaslighting, manipulation…I’ve seen all that, but on a much smaller scale, of course, from fundamentalist pastors and members. So much for “be ye not conformed to this world!”

  7. To hear this guy talk, you’d think the reason Jesus didn’t promise his right and left hand seats to James and John was because he was saving it for Jack.

  8. I finally listened to the video.

    This definition came to mind:

    megalomania meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a (mÄ›g’É™-lō-mā’nÄ“-É™, -mān’yÉ™)

    A psychopathological condition in which delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence predominate.

    An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

  9. It was only a year ago that God delivered me and rescued me from there. I have never had such a venemous attack against me as I did when my husband and I heard God’s voice and decided to leave. I thank God for his grace and mercy to deliver me and show me truly what grace, mercy and love was and a true picture of who Jesus is. The healing has been slow but God’s grace abundant..

  10. LOOON-A-TICK!!!!

    I would hope his Jack-Schapp centered worship/idolization does wear heavy on him. Maybe’ that’s not God doing all the pressure, maybe it’s trying to keep up all YOUR standards, enforce all YOUR rules, and bring people under subjection of the laws of Jack Schaap that it is your are fill, nut job!

  11. What is with his breathing into the microphone? It seems worldly to me….oops…I am offended so he must be sinning.

  12. I really don’t understand why there was space shuttle footage, how is that relevant? I don’t get it.

    I also don’t understand why people go to this church. Honestly…

  13. @Nate (and all others distracted by the space shuttle). I think it’s a reference to the bizarro world Jack Schaap imagines himself being part of, is more or less other-worldly it’s so “out there”.

  14. Wait a minute. Is this thread suggesting that FBCH isn’t the reason God has blessed America. I know for a fact without Hyles America would have been destroyed years ago. This sarcasm is absurd.

  15. can somebody make a graphic of mount fundmore, with this schaap guy, jack hyles, lester roloff, and bob jones? i’d do it myself, but i’m incredibly lazy. also unskilled.

  16. You’ve already seen the height of my artistic ability on this site. I’ll have to leave that task to someone better suited.

  17. Actually, the balloon heads would be very becoming Darrell, and quite appropriate for the task.

    @mo The only problem I see is that Schaap, a living fundy saint, will have to wait to be stoned… er, I mean immortalized in stone.

  18. It is amazing that this apostate imbecile thinks that a church full of adulterers, pornographers, and pedophiles, with a history of graduates from its college who have been charged, indicted, convicted of the most perverted sins known to mankind, against children, is God’s foremost church. What’s even more appalling is that the apostate imbeciles listening to him and amening him think that he’s right.

  19. @Reader Mo I don’t have any artistic ability, will check w/ a guy or 2 that I know. If I were to draw it, it wouldn’t be family friendly, would just be 4 “Dale Hortons” as we used to call them at PCC. I’ll assume you can figure out what we meant. Any Mount Fundmore would be incomplete IMO w/ old Arlin Horton on it. Admittedly not being a speaker he’s a different kind of leader, w/ less overt credentials, but I still would like to see his ugly mug on that mount! 🙂

  20. Just as I thought: when you look up “delusions of grandeur” Schaap’s picture is there! This would be funny were he not serious. I vote for Ex-Fundie’s motion but want to amend the motion to say “clinically criminally insane.”

  21. I hadn’t heard of this church or pastor before reading this blog, even while I was at BJU. So if their church “goes down” I don’t think as many people would notice as they think would. In fact, I think a lot of people (children?) would be happy.

  22. Wow, he really is nuts! I do have to wonder that with all his insane ranting, if he’s really got some very serious personal demons he’s dealing with? He’s got to have one huge, black heart to spew the things he does from the pulpit. He’s covering up for something big, I’ll bet.

  23. I’ve heard the “last 10 righteous” preached so many times from a fundy viewpoint. I hate it, because they always take the comparison WAY too far. It ends up being so anti-Biblical! According to Scripture, anyone who has trusted Christ as their Savior is righteous in the eyes of God. It has nothing to do with my works or anyone else’s works. Fundies turn “righteous” into a character quality, and that’s why they believe there are so few “righteous” left. It disgusts me. No wonder I spent half my life doubting my salvation!

  24. Fundies turn “righteous” into a character quality,

    There it is in a nutshell: it not only is a character quality but a works sanctification, The more righteous I can make myself, the closer I am to god, and the more he will love me and bless me.
    It is a system based on merit. One is rewarded with favor and right standing for their performance no matter what Scripture actually says, this is how the fundies count coup.

  25. <>

    Amen! Knowing this is what gives us joy, power, love – all of those things that I kept striving for but not getting when I was focused on my own performance. (Yes, Mrs.SarahN, I doubted my salvation too.)

  26. Oops! The comment I was quoting above got erased. It was this: “According to Scripture, anyone who has trusted Christ as their Savior is righteous in the eyes of God. “

  27. “please be as righteous as everyone out there thinks you are”…

    ohhhhh… so THAT’s the gospel! neat!

  28. They don’t seem to know it, but they are about as righteous as most people out there think they are. 😈

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