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  1. What’s up with the clapping at the end? The microphones held too close to the mouth? THE SHINY SPARKLY BLOUSES?

    Jack Hyles is rolling over in his grave.

  2. Can poetry get any worse?

    Stand by God’s man, he’s just a tool;
    Stand by God’s man, though he’s a fool.
    Stand by God’s man, ; he’s often lied.
    Stand by God’s man, he’s full of pride.
    Stand by God’s man, he talks too long;
    Stand by God’s man, he’s never wrong.

  3. Ron Bean…I understand many pastors try to be a Lord over God’s heritage, but I think you attempt at humor calling “God’s man” a tool is a bit disrespectful. I am sure you do not believe that about all preachers.

  4. And here I was hoping it’d be a kitschy adaptation of “Stand by Your Man.” Disappointed.

    I think Ron was saying “he’s just a tool” as in “instrument of God’s work,” though I won’t hesitate to say I think most preachers are tools in the more modern sense.

  5. i’ve not met all baptist preachers, so i can’t say that they’re all tools, but i’ve never met one who isn’t.

  6. Only one out of three fundie preachers that I’ve met wasn’t a tool, and he wasn’t a real fundie. The pastor of the Baptist church that I now attend is absolutely not a tool. Fortunately, this has been the trend in the few non fundie Baptist churches that I’ve attended.

  7. Same as Jordan I was hoping that it be like Stand byYour Man. The women have the microphones to close. It looks like they are going to eat them.

  8. @trex
    Maybe not, but we can say with 100% certainty that not all preachers are “God’s Man.”

    Like Reader Mo said, we don’t know them all but the experiences we have all had, with the ones we do know, allows us to state unequivocably that the overwhelming majority are posers in the pulpit.

  9. What a thinly veiled attempt to avoid accountability and responsibility. I’m in ministy (not a pastor, though) and I know how tempting it is with a flexible schedule to do as little as possible and, as long as Sunday goes well, get away with it. You really have to have a lot of self-discipline to be in ministry, and, sadly, many don’t.

  10. Am I missing something trex? All I meant was that he refers to himself (often with feigned humility) as a tool in God’s hand. (God’s Tool Box Sermon #123 I Cor. 1:26-29) Please tell me what you thought I meant. Is there a tool reference I’m missing?

  11. Sometime I’d like to just shake the person who would write authoritarian enabling ego-maniacal drivel song like this. @Trex comment is totally a shocked fundy comment. Would much rather sing @Ron Bean’s version, may not be 100% true, but the “preachers” they crank out at BJ/PCC/HAC/etc the non-tool is an incredible exception.

    Seperate note, who got a look at the blue shiny navy “jackets” (I guess) and thought we simply MUST use these on stage? You could get a much better Biblical criticism of that disturbing “garment” than you can of women wearing pants.

  12. I’ve tested it on a couple different computers and it seems to be working fine. Maybe a temporary glitch?

  13. Nope, still not working on my pc. It’s okay. I don’t need to listen to it again. It’s kind of creepy IMHO. Kind of like idol worship or something.

    How long does it take to get over this? I’m going on two years since I walked out.

  14. More of the typical brainwashing from First Baptist Cult of Hammond, IN. “Never mind what stupid things he says that are contrary to the scriptures – Just stand by him!”

    I didn’t hear one thing in that song that exalted Christ. Sad. The worst part is that I used to suck up this drivel as being “right with God”. Pray for those folks that many would come to the real truth instead of a bunch of man-made traditions & crack-pot theologies… and leave there for good!

  15. SBGM, as he is god to you
    SBGM, as he is always right
    SBGM, as you are raped by an elder
    SBGM, as women are treated like Muslim’s
    SBGM, as he knows what is best for you
    SBGM, as he has a bible degree and an honorary doctorate
    SBGM, as duh, he’s god’s man

  16. If there isn’t a post about holding up Moses’ hands (based upon taking Exodus 17:12 totally out of context) there needs to be. That’s part of the “biblical” basis for crap this this.

  17. I don’t care for the song…I understand that not all preachers are God’s men, but a few seem to be preacher haters here..maybe only fundie preacher haters..do any of you “hate” your preacher? just curious..

    1. I LOVE my pastor! (now) And I loved my pastor before him. All the rest before that however I wouldn’t honestly say I loved. I tried to give respect as I saw extremely bad behavior and double standards and blamed myself for putting them on a pedestal. Then I blamed other factors, (Pressure of the ministry, misunderstandings, gossip, etc.) But then I came to the realization that most “Fundamental Preachers” get more than enough benefit of the doubt and take full advantage of it. It is pretty much impossible to find a humble fundamentalist “Preacher” and… I think I forgot the question. So my answer is: I love my pastor. But he is nothing like all the fundamentalist preachers I have grown up worshipping. Now I only worship Jesus. And I think He likes it that way.

  18. Didn’t listen. I know what it’s like. Have a look for a song called “A Few Good Men”.

    I know all about the “man of God” who demands your obedience, blindly, and gets mad at you when you question anything he does.

  19. @trex: I don’t hate my pastor, I love him. But he would be absolutely horrified if a trio sang this to the congregation in my Anglican church. As far as my pastor is concerned, only Jesus is worthy of this kind of worship.

    I don’t even hate any of the fundy pastors in my life – one of them was my dad – but I sure do hate what they did to my family.

  20. “Not one of the three of them looks happy.”

    Isn’t the stonefaced, completely stationary singer also a stereotypical fundy trait?

  21. All you super serious folk out there – it’s called satire, like Saturday Night Live or South Park. Get a sense of humor and get over it.

  22. Hate? Naaaa, most of them are only worth contempt and not worthy of an emotion as strong as hate.
    The last IFB pastor I sat under had ruled for 20 years in one place and was not accountable to anyone but gawd… he’s now in jail facing felony charges.

    No… contempt and pity are the emotions I hold for the self-anointed, so-called, men of gawd who stand as God’s mouthpiece in the fundy pulpits…. not hate.

    From where I stand that applies to 99% of all churches and the modern template for church “authority” and power structures.

  23. Hate? I hated it when I saw good, solid, Christ-lovers maligned in church services because the pastor didn’t “agree” with them and used the pulpit as a whipping post.

    Hate? I hated it when the tithe and guilt offerings are hung over your head like a noose but you don’t have enough money for all the bills and food – Give brother, Give!

    Hate? Working a full time job, attending services every time the doors are open, Bible institute, soul-winning, street preaching, nursing home ministry, bus ministry, etc. and then listen to the pastor say, ” I don’t know where all the time goes – I’m so busy.”

    Hate? When the supposed “leader” of the church is out screwing other mens wives and some of their daughters (Jack Hyles, David Hyles, Danny Castle, Bob Gray, Marty Braemer, etc.)

    Hate? Yeah, I’d say I hate that – wouldn’t you?

  24. I’ll admit that it hurts sometimes to read criticisms of pastors – but, then again, I KNOW the type of men to whom the posters refer! The sad thing is that people skip our little church for the big IFB church down the street with all its programs, youth activities, and music. Then they get burned and upset because it’s run like the pastor’s personal fiefdom. Instead they could come to ours where we are humbly trying to follow God’s Word, but they never do!

    My husband has gotten church members angry at him too. One of the latest was when he didn’t even think twice about having a college girl who’d grown up in the church sing on stage WITH A DIAMOND STUD IN HER NOSE!!! (Boy, did he hear it for that one.) He lets a young man pray and stand in front WHILE WEARING JEANS!!!! He added praise music to our repertoire of hymns (God forbid we actually sing songs composed primarily of BIBLE VERSES!!!) He switched from the KJV to the ESV. He has asked people to stay home from Sunday PM or Wed. PM if that’s the only night they have with their families or if they can instead invite an unsaved neighbor in to eat or watch a game with them. As you can see, he’s a real tyrant! 🙂

    We often pray that God will help Him be humble and wise. We’re trying to be faithful in “that which is little.” We desperately want to be the type of pastor and pastor’s wife that we often DIDN’T see around us growing up: someone who is GENTLE and EASY TO BE INTREATED. Early in our ministry, we realized how few pastors we’d seen actually fit the requirements listed in Titus. I’m so sad at all the people who have been truly damaged by abuse from the pulpit.

  25. @pastor’s wife: Jesus said that his way would not be a popular one – caring more about the heart than the appearance, dining with “sinners,” preaching the Gospel in words and parables that people of the current time can understand – and he was right, as your ministry proves! But I know how much joy there is in walking in the (unpopular) footsteps of Jesus (as do you and your husband, it seems) … keep walking! 🙂

  26. this site is like “everythingisterrible.com” but for religion. awesome.

    you should put up a poll on this site: “how long can you watch this?”

  27. @ Pastor’s Wife I played the piano one time in pants…yes pants…on a Sunday morning no less… and afterwards people were asking why I was allowed to play without a skirt on. No one said it to the actual pastor though, they said it to the youth pastor who was nicer and tried to placate everyone. I wonder what they’d say now If I tried to play with pants and my nose stud?

  28. Hate, definitely not, even the ones enumerated on this site. God teaches us to love our enemies, as well as other believers, and friends. I do not consider myself hostile to them either. I have no issue with confronting differing views.
    The Scribes and Pharisees of NT times claimed to be God’s men and Jesus had strong, unpleasant words for them. There is a difference between claiming to be God’s man and being God’s man. The choice has always been God’s.

    @Pastor’s Wife, kudos to your husband for allowing believers to set their own standard.

  29. @Pastor’s wife: never met your husband, but I like him!

    I’m the worship pastor at a Bible church. So, when someone complains about what people should or shouldn’t wear, or sing, or play, I feel justified in asking them (kindly, I hope) to point out the Scripture that sets that standard. “We’re a Bible church, right? We should get our views from the Bible, right?” That’s led to some very enlightening conversations!

    1. I can imagine those conversations! In our case, it usually comes down to the other person quoting, “Avoid all appearance of evil” or “Touch not the unclean thing.”

      I was always taught growing up IFB to search the Scriptures; that the Bible was our source of faith and practice. I started seeing that a lot of what I was taught actually WASN’T in the Bible!

  30. I actually agree with the song itself. I think that, when you find a good church with a pastor that you respect and can support in good conscience, you should do what you can to help him. After all, the pastor leading the local church is Biblical. However, I don’t think you should support someone just because he calls himself a “Man of God.” Too many fakes in the world.

    1. For the record (just so no one tries to jump on me 😉 ) I don’t think “standing by” your pastor means that you worship him, always agree with him, or act as though he is sinless and perfect. Discernment is certainly needed. I also find it weird that some people only ever think of the pastor as being a “man of God.” Everyone should seek to be a man/woman of God, not just the pastor or church staff.

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