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  1. Because, of course, men never get out of line – only women do…

    Oh, and something else fundies like? Going cheap on their sound equipment. This guy’s screaming is bad enough, and it only gets worse after it goes through their tin cans and string.

  2. So what’s he trying to tell his wife?
    Doesn’t it say some where “Wives be subject to your OWN husband”?
    So Why is subjecting other’s wives to his will?

  3. @Josh I thought it was my speakers, but turned it down to the point it COULDN’T be my speakers before I realized it was poorly done sound system/recording.

    At least at the very end he acknowledged men have responsibility too, but nothing like leveling blanket body image attacks on all women in attendance w/ no idea/concern of how you can be further damaging some struggling women.

    Does anyone “get” how places like HA, PCC, BJU stay in business? How do people still send their kids to these schools in 2010? The existence/prosperity of those places shatters the myth of the inevitable march of history forward towards progress & human’s ability to look out for themselves.

  4. He may as well say “If you can’t cook in the kitchen, you’d better cook in the bedroom!”

    There is nothing wrong with plus sized women. They give you warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.

  5. That is loud. My volume was on 20 and its still loud. Does anyone else think that its creepy that he just walks around with the microphone in his hand(the pulpit mic is probably on to)?
    What’s even more stupid is that he knows he is going to be on Youtube(Did anyone see the video where he said he would slap grandma?).

  6. So….if women will keep their size 0-2 figures, they’ll inspire their men to do great things for God? Wow, this theology/Bible stuff is so easy! And if the preacher/pastor/missionary man has let himself go? Well don’t dare to speak against the man of God lest 2 she-bears come from the forest and tear thee in pieces!

  7. Why are the men sitting behind him laughing? :-/

    If this advice were actually taken:
    “If he married you that way, then STAY that way”

    If you were a horrible cook when he married you, then keep cooking bad.
    If you didn’t know how to count to then when he married you, then stay dumb.
    If you had a cold when he married you, then stay sick.
    If you were pure and undefiled when he married you, then don’t express intimacy.
    If you were paying back loans, then stay in debt.
    If you didn’t have a blog, then don’t get one.
    If you were a fundamentalist, then stay a fundamentalist no matter what.
    If you read only the KJV when he married you, then stick to the KJV.
    If you were a slob when he married you then never clean up after yourself.
    If you didn’t like his mother when he married you, then keep hating her.
    If you were 24 when he married you then act 24 forever, no matter how much the fashions don’t suit you.
    If you’d never read the whole Bible, then don’t even try.
    If you don’t have a college degree, then don’t even try.


  8. Wow. Talk about generalization and bull. I can personally say that men do that all the more.

    “Inspire that man to do something big for God!”

    And I’d hope they’d “get real quiet on you”…I’d hope they wouldn’t even be there.

    @Josh. Yeah. Hooray for lack of ability of audio technical skills.
    Hmm…Shoot off of that one.
    Stuff Fundies Like: Pulling some random, half-deaf man for running the sound system. (Something along those lines)

  9. So that was some very biblical stuff, buddy. Where’d you get that from, chapter and verse? What a load. I just love the yelling about it all too. Boy that makes me just so excited to go listen to all those fatass baptist pastors. Hoorah! Preach it, brother.
    What a load.

  10. I like the expression of that lady in the red in the choir at about the :55 mark. Looks like she’s wants to throw a hymnal at him.

    Again, notice no Bibles are open when he preaches.

  11. Is it just me or does he sound like he hates women? Women are blamed for everything in fundamental circles, as the Trinity Baptist case shows. Heck, this goes back to Adam who blamed Eve for the fall. It seems like Paul may have agreed with him too ( 1 Tim. 2:14).

    Doesn’t Schaap realize that he is fomenting discontent among the husbands? He is giving them an excuse to look at another woman because their wife has “let herself go.” Perhaps this kind of teaching is the reason why I have found that a lot of Hyles Anderson graduates wind up divorcing their wife for a younger woman.

  12. “Well, I’m glad he’s never had to subject his body to pregnancy and childbirth, like us wimmin do…”
    …especially as many times as fundy women are expected to. 10? 12 times?

  13. I think the gals here took the wind out of my sails. Pita said it best, after 1 child, you may be able to get to size nothing, but after the 2nd thru the 16th! it ain’t that easy! Most homeschoolers spend time with a Bible class before school actually starts, at least some do. I could only stand the first 2 minutes.
    At least my pastor doesn’t scream and shout when he says virtually the same dribble.
    Adam may have blamed Eve, but hey, he was near enough to hear the snake talk! No excuse for not grabbing a big stick and beating it to death, and so it has been since……
    What about the guy who loved to shop before you married him?
    What about the flowers he used to bring?
    One could go on about the man’s side, too…..but we will save that for the lady preachers that come out of Hyles–I have heard a couple of them, they sound just like this guy, too. Amazing.

  14. That made me want to rip his head off and puke down his throat. I seriously have an upset stomach after listening to that. What a disrespectful man, if you can call him that. I feel extremely sorry for his wife and children.

  15. I’m thinking I may need to come up with some kind of rating or warning label system for these videos.

    Anybody care to help me come up with a scale?

  16. Now that I’d like to see, just demonstrating the vileness of that rant wise.

    @Darrell maybe a rating system based on hemlines? This one sure sounds like a leather miniskirt w/ 6 inch heels!


  17. I propose a ratings system along the lines of the MPAA’s movie rating system:

    G — God might not mind (too much).

    KJV — Kinda Junky Video, stupid and/or poorly produced, but mostly harmless.

    ESV — Extra Stupid Video, blatantly unsound mentally, theologically, or both, but so ridiculous as to be harmless (e.g. anything involving David Grice).

    ESV-13 — I don’thave any special criteria for this one, but fundies have to have an intermediate rating to hate on.

    NASB — Nutty, Asinine, Stupid, and Braindead, the kind of thing that makes you want to chew through your own arm, decapitate and vomit into the yawning chest cavity of the perpetrator, or retreat into the mountains and never come out (e.g. three words: Pastor Steven Anderson).

  18. “If he married you that way, stay that way.” That flat-out defies the marriage vows in which we promise “for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” Any reasonable person knows that people and life circumstances CHANGE. That’s why we make vows that promise to love and cherish EVEN IF WE CHANGE!!! (Sorry, I can’t help but shout.)

    And I love how the speaker motivates people by making fun of them and making them feel guilty. Ridicule and guilt – that’s a surefire way to send someone straight for the chocolate!

  19. Schaap Theology 101: If the wife becomes “unattractive” for any reason, then it will cause the husband to commit sins with other women. If the husband becomes “unattractive”, then the husband needs to blame the wife for his inability to commit sins with other women.

  20. Am I a bad person for commenting even though I haven’t watched it? I have no desire to hear anything that idiot says but I’m sure I’ll disagree with him on this one, too.

  21. I listened to way too much of that BS and I don’t gotta do it no more. One of the reasons I’m an Anglican is that I don’t have to check my brains at the door when I go to church.

  22. This pissed me off!! At first I thought this took place a long time ago. But when he started talking about texting and twittering I realized it was recent. Why would people go to that? What an absolute jerk! He said that he was pinned with dirty looks – he should’ve been. And more!! Hello people! Time to find a new pastor or a new church. Not going to church would be better than listening to this nutcase!

  23. Wow … all I have to say is … wow. I’m glad I’ve never heard him preach in real life. I don’t understand angry preachers, and I especially don’t understand preachers who insult people. How sad. Why is he so popular anyway?

  24. I’m a fully convinced Protestant, and I go to a pretty good Baptist church. But if my only two choices within a hundred miles were a Catholic church and this, I’d go to the Catholic church, for sure.

  25. Well, why bother wasting time studying scripture when you can just rant and rave like this????……….. And to think that people dress up on Sunday and go to “church” to listen to this kind of junk. How incredibly brain dead the sheeple must be.

  26. @Nicole: Amen and Amen! I was thinking about the wife/wives of these men. They most likely: Go along with the program as it is the safe thing to do. Wear the skirt. (Has any gal noticed that Shelley Hamilton’s are NOT long??) Wear the tennis shoes: white. Wear the hair long –even though you are now a grandmother and your hair is grey and you are balding. (Mine is blond and SHORT!) And “pray for him”……..
    @Camille: I love the VIrginia creeper! LOL

  27. The Jack Schaap Marriage Philosophy Theme song:
    a.k.a. Dating at Hyles/Anderson (or any other Fundy College for that matter)

    What we’re gonna do right here
    Is go back, way back, back into time
    When the only people that
    Existed were Troglodytes
    Cave men, cave women

    He’d look in the mirror, he’d say

    Gotta find a woman
    Gotta find a woman
    Gotta find a woman
    Gotta find a woman


  28. I’d hate to be this guy’s wife, performance based love.

    My beautiful bride gave birth to 4 wonderful children, each time, suffering the effects of child birth, and then willing do it again. To me that’s love. That’s beauty. I tip my hat to all moms everywhere.

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