71 thoughts on “Keeping Their Women In Line”

  1. “Inspire that man to do something big for God!”

    My husband’s response: The hollywood crowd must be doing a lot for God, then–they are all married to supermodels.

  2. Its the flip side of women expecting to change their men after marriage. It ain’t happening. Men expect their wives to never change. That’s ain’t happening either.

  3. OH NOEZ! How could I? I went and got 15 years older than the day I was married. I’m surprised my husband stays with me. I also put some weight on, but that’s his fault. After all, he’s the one who does all the cooking 🙂

  4. @Luke
    Me too! I used to get really excited and happy when philly the kidd would preach on ‘fat sister betsy in her blue jeans.’ Thank you, Jesus, for grace! Thank you for granting escape!

  5. This guy is dangerously twisted in the head. How can any person sit through these church services and be verbally abused and put down on a weekly basis? I am not a feminist by any means, but there is no reason for him to treat women like pieces of meat. Obesity is not good, and I agree that Americans (MEN AND WOMEN) need to be careful to stay healthy, but aren’t there more important things to preach about?

  6. Sadly, I was one of those people who thought this was acceptable for a preacher to do. Thankfully, I am now in a church where the Word is faithfully preached and common sense application is stressed.

  7. This is verbal abuse. I felt so sorry for those women in the choir behind him….No one willingly takes this kind of talk unless they have been seriously brainwashed. Schaap needs to keep his eyes on his own wife and stop checking out all the other men’s wives.

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