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  1. On general principle, “New” is bad in fundie circles.

    We just need some of that “Old Fashioned” design layout stuff. Maybe some based layouts and some good animated gifs.
    If it was good enough for the 90s, then it should be good enough for today.


  2. Putting the link to comments to the left is a bit confusing. At first I thought commenting was disabled.

    Perhaps you should follow the “old paths” and put the comment link beneath the relevant post?

  3. Never heard of the geocitiesizer, but I think I’m in love. gonna recommend the church board switch our website to someone they come up w/ based on our current website! 🙂 BRILLIANT!!!

  4. I guess with anything it takes time to get used to it, but I did prefer the old layout better. This one seems a little more spread out and too white. But Dr. Darrell, did you call this business meeting to get our official ‘ayes’ on a change you already decided on or do we actually have a say in the design? 🙂

    You do realize this could lead to a SFL split?

  5. I like it. Nice and clean. The info off to the left keeps the content uncluttered.

    You do need your header to link to the home page, though, even if there’s a “Home” button at the top. It’s just one of those things people expect.

  6. @Darrell after I posted that I decided there’s prob no good border/break to put in these, and couldn’t delete the comment. Sorry I changed my mind though! Blame the fickleness on my IFB upbringing! 🙂 Still would like to see a litle color somewhere..

  7. The borders crowd it up too much. I think the large headers at the top of each post were a sufficient visual cue. Or if that’s not enough, maybe a thin line between posts, like the comments section has?

  8. Dang, and I thought this post was going to be fundy business meetings. Oh well. I’m one of the 12 who don’t really care. My main concern was the gravtars, but it looks like you’ve fixed that and now they’re actually bigger than before.

  9. Darrell, you must come from the “White Shirt” fundies. It is all white and not off white or any other color, you know like white button up shirt Christ wore.

  10. I like the new design. It is far better than the old one. I guess if I had my preference I’d put all the primary links below the logo of Stuff Fundies Like. I also find myself clicking on that more often then home only to find out it isn’t a link. Again that is just my personal preference so do with it what you like, but at least the logo being a hyperlink should be easy enough to add.

    Otherwise it is great. Glad for the update.

  11. Your header graphic has a lot of vertical height that may not be necessary. Although, you could say that dimensionally, it’s a lot like most fundie preachers. So maybe that’s intentional…

  12. I think the update is much-needed, but unfortunately a step in the wrong direction.

    Here’s what I’ve noticed, in descending order of importance.

    1. Various images and elements are clipped, including embedded YouTube videos. This happens in all three browsers I tested it in–IE8, Opera, and Chrome.

    2. This could just be my preference, but everything seems too squished together–there’s no real clear demarcation separating posts and other elements as my eye scans through the page.

    3. Going along with the last point, the lack of contrast and formatting makes some things difficult to find and/or digest quickly. See: the “Recent Comments” and “SFL Tweets” sidebars.

    4. Some things are mislabeled or not labeled at all. At first, I thought it was odd that the old “Connect” sidebar was now labeled “What Can We Find For You?” Then I clicked on it and realized that the title was actually a search field. Yeah, that’s not so cool.

    5. Some UI elements aren’t scaled quite right. Right now, I’m looking at the fields for “Name,” “E-mail,” “Your comment,” etc., which could stand to be a lot larger considering the size of the font and how much unused whitespace is available.

    6. I like that icons and avatars are now slightly bigger, but you might consider widening the page slightly to compensate.

    7. I do, in fact, like the monochrome theme (notwithstanding my earlier comment about contrast). However, the home page could use a little more “personality” if you know what I mean–something that a new visitor could see and immediately know what the site was about. The old title graphic was perfect for that, I thought. I’m not necessarily saying you should bring it back, but something along those lines that fits the new theme would be nice. (I always got a laugh at the Juno logo in the old title, btw 🙂 )

    That’s all I can think of for now; I’ll add more ideas later if they come to me.

  13. Never, ever change a website’s design and ask for comments. This is the most important lesson I have learned over the years. People who are willing to forgive all your other faults will write hate mail because you changed the fonts.

    I will offer some comments below as someone who works in the business, but I enjoy your site’s content too much to be irritated by layout quibbles. If my comments offend, just pretend I did not send them.

    My personal preference is to avoid the ants-on-a-light-bulb effect of dark text on white background. A slightly-colored background is much easier on the eyes. Also, serif fonts are for print, not screen. The combination you have chose is very tiring on the eyes.

    Note how few of Human3rror’s themes are pure (or nearly pure) white. John may like serif fonts, but the places he works don’t.

    I like the new logo, (bad typewriter + mimeograph = glory Hal-a-Lou!) but the size of the box is out of balance. In fact, with the larger than the text buttons on the right and the toolbar at the top, the effect is mildy disconcerting. It’s the same effect as looking at a poorly-balanced stack of hymnals until you cannot remember what the sermon is about.

    The three-column layout you have chosen is confusing because the far-left column, which should be more important info, is meta-post-info. This is usually discouraged in the same way as having your footnotes at the top of the page or left margin.

    All-in-all, though, I think the site design is good, but needs tweaking.

  14. True, but would you rather have 1,000,000 fans begging for the old theme back or no fans at all? 😉

    I wouldn’t take the time to comment on the new theme if I didn’t like this site so much.


  15. I’m not digging it so far, but I didn’t dig the many fb changes at first either but now I like the new layout. I’m sure that given a couple more posts I’ll get used to the new design and see the superiority to the old, but just for fun I’ll throw in a fundy color suggestion that I’ve heard many times: “Red for the blood, Amen?”

    I’m a presby now and I’m done fighting with my church family. 🙂

  16. Oh, I’m not complaining. I appreciate the feedback.

    That being said, if I ever express an intent to change the site again and then ask for public responses, please do me the favor of smacking me about the head with a blunt object. 😀

  17. If someone could PLEASE create that facebook page of fans of SFL that demand the “old paths” site design back I will totally like/join it! 🙂

  18. I miss the “random post” link that was at the very top. I’m kind of new to the site to I liked clicking around.

    Oh, and in the church I grew up in, it was “all opposed like sign” followed with the briefest of breif a pauses with “motion passed.”

  19. I knew there was something oddly familiar yet strangely satisfying about this process! 🙂

    @Bob I def at least hovered over that fake like just in case it was a link to somewhere!

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