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  1. Hey now, we do have standards for men! Have you ever seen a guy mowing his lawn in a polo and khakis? Or have you seen a guy swimming in a t-shirt and exercise pants? Here in Fundieville, IN you will!

  2. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Didn’t see the gay guy joke coming, and I LOVE the stick figure art!

  3. @Josh my fundie high school played some of those fundie schools that made their basketball team play in short sleve t-shirts & long warm up pants, and if they allowed cheerleaders they wore ankle length skirts not allowed to do any kicks/jumps or clapping. And we thought our school was overboard. Have def seen those, and know people who still ban “mixed bathing”. The fact that I know what “mixed bathing” is embarrases me.

  4. No, this is actually one I’ve had on tap for a while. Any relevance to current news I’ll take as serendipity. 🙂

  5. My daughter works at a summer camp, and when the Baptists come to camp they make the boys and girls use the pool at different times. They also insist that the counselors dress according to their ideas of “modest clothing”. No shorts, no tank tops, even on the hottest days.

  6. You should totally add more stick comic stuff like this. Or a spin off site. I’d subscribe to that feed.

    This made me laugh so hard, but given the current stuff happening with Phelps/Trinity of Concord NH it is unfortunately all too true and hits close to home. Sad really.

  7. Mark,

    I think they only really work in the context of this site.

    and you don’t even want to know how long it takes me to draw stick figures. It’s really, really sad.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t know about Phelps and Trinity Concord? Anyone care to fill me in?

  9. @Josh: yup… that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And the statements the church is making about the issue now do not seem to jive with reality, either… it’s a big mess.

  10. @Bassenco: thanks for the links. I hadn’t heard about that. That story is disgusting, and even more so because I know it is not an isolated incident. The Bible is replete with commands to defend the poor, fatherless, orphans, aliens, abused, etc. It’s ironic that those who claim to have a high view of the authority of Scripture can so grossly ignore those commands and perpetrate the abuse.

  11. @Darrell,

    Yea you are right it makes the most sense within the context of this site. Now as for the time, well…I bet you could get faster ;-). I’d even take hand drawn stick figures. It is the content more then the picture. But good work!

  12. Honestly, I always wear a shirt when I go swimming. Of course, I’ve got scars that make my torso look like a roadmap. I don’t take my shirt off, except when headed to bed. 🙂 Not all of us wear shirts because we’re fundies(still).

  13. Shooting the three from way downtown. You have a gift for distilling complex mazes of warped logic into a super basic (yet still correct) explanation and making it funny at the same time. I tip my hat to you, sir.

  14. Hilarious! Well done. And also loving the stick figures as of late!

    @Will. My old fundy youth pastor absolutely has to wear a tshirt. He’s a red-head and gets scorched alive if he doesn’t!

    And that article…Disgusting. It sickens me.

  15. well this post just SUCKED!!!

    just kidding. it was awesome 🙂

    you’re on a roll! between this and the “strong’s” post, this has been a fabulous week. oh- and the pants on chicks stuff, too. all great stuff!

  16. you should add a big fat fundy gut to the dad stick figure, to make it more realistic.

    (i can say that, ’cause i’m fat, amen?)

    and that kids- he may be my favorite character ever.

    i’m eagerly awaiting the introduction of pastor stick’s help-meat.

    (that’s not supposed to be a double-entendre, but i can see how it could come accross that way. anyway, i’m gonna stick with it.)

  17. I love that @Reader Mo didn’t even try to disguise the double entendre going for the Help MEAT, not Help Meet. As always you bring the biggest laughs from me, whoever you are, Mo! 🙂 I second the fat man comments from the 2XL section!

  18. Couldn’t help but notice Dad in the above is showing some extened drawing south of the inverted V… that might be what attracted all the attention at the store… i’m just sayin… if he had been in his khakis he might not have provoked an incident of random lust like that.

  19. I know many fundies are extreme in their standards and I understand and even agree with the main thrust of what you are saying about double standards. However we cannot ignore that many ladies are not adorning themselves in modest apparel. Ofcourse that gives no one an excuse to lust..

  20. I’m so far from Fundyland to tell, but I never go out shirtless. Fat people shouldn’t. They just shouldn’t.

  21. I grew up in the Caribbean. I don’t go outside without a shirt on, ever. If I’m going to be outside for a long period of time I use SPF40,000.

    I know first-hand what kind of damage the sun can do.

    1. White girl in Arizona here! I don’t care about Fundy standards but I still wear a shirt while swimming! :mrgreen:

  22. Yes, if you go back and look at that thread, you’ll see I posted this there first

    /insider talk that the rest of you won’t understand.

  23. Being gay, I found this extra funny, especially considering all the guys I “checked out” while at BJU. Apparently, they have a lot of repenting to do…

  24. Well, of course someone lusted after him. Look how immodestly dressed he is! He’s naked! 😆

  25. This is really neat. Honestly I’m glad that it works for a new generation of people dealing with the issue of fundamentalism. I’ve never actually had this come up per se, but it’s still interesting to think about.

  26. Speaking of standards, I’m pretty sure gay people have them when it comes to being attracted to people. Or maybe I’m just saying that because all fundy pastor families have been super ugly.

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