41 thoughts on “Wearing Baseball Caps Facing Forward”

  1. Usually, the cap is facing the right direction. It’s the head of the person that’s on backwards.

  2. Of course in the IFB world it is had to wear a hat given where their heads generally are….

    That guy is clearly worldly sinner, didn’t you see he was associating with a beer drinker just a few seats down… clearly this guy is high on crack…

  3. @ Don

    I didn’t notice the beer drinker until you mentioned it. Thanks for contributing to alcoholism. Everywhere there are people falling off the wagon due to your lack of compassion for the weaker brother.

  4. Well IFBers are the only ones wearing denim hats anyway. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world left them in the early 90s

  5. My parents were not exactly strict fundamentalists, but they had this rule as well. As a little kid, I always felt shame about wearing hats the “wrong” way, and looked down on those who did. When I reached my teenage years, I did my rebellion “whitewashed sepulcher” style (mostly inwardly), but as a serious photographer, I loved the way that using an SLR camera gave me an excuse to turn my hat around. To this day, though, I still have not fully recovered, but at least I admit that I have a problem. πŸ˜‰

  6. I heard a preacher not two weeks ago talk about hats like this. He said that wearing a hat forward is the normal way, how it all started. So nothing wrong there because everyone was doing it that way first. Then someone started flipping it around. And if you flip yours around just because everyone else is doing it that way, now you’re being worldly because you’re just following culture. So…

    Wearing it facing forward because everyone else DID it: Godly.
    Wearing it facing backwards because everyone else DOES it: Worldly.

    God have mercy on those who wear it sideways.

  7. I don’t usually wear hats because I think I look stupid in them, but when I do, I wear them whichever direction is most advantageous, forward to keep out the sun, backwards to shoot (also a photographer). I imagine the backlash against the backward hat began because at first the only people you saw doing it were rappers, thugs, and Will Smith on Fresh Prince (oh wait, that was sideways). Perhaps preachers preached against it in an effort to keep their kids from emulating those sorts of people. I personally always thought the backwards cap looked stupid anyways!

  8. I wear one of these:

    When I turn it around backwards my wife tells me I look like a dork.

  9. I wore my caps backwards sometimes as a kid. I played catcher and had an old-fashioned mask without the built-in helmet. Also, I really liked looking like the old-school baseball players of the deadball and Babe Ruth eras. None of whom, I’m guessing, were fundies. Maybe my love of baseball hastened my, ahem, slide.

  10. This is almost as bad as the long hair vs short hair. Hubby’s head is too big for most hats and he wears a Aussie-type-Indiana Jones-type hat, looks pretty cool. Wonder what Paul would do?……..

    1. I wear an indie jones type hat too!
      Is it just me, but when ever I see a teenager or adult wearing a baseball cap bass-ackwards, I want to turn the wearer’s head around so the peak faces the right way…

  11. I’m surprised nobody got the Music Man reference.

    A little too obscure, I guess.

  12. The first big step on the road
    To the depths of deg-ra-Day–
    I say, first, medicinal wine from a teaspoon,
    Then beer from a bottle.

    Mothers of River City!
    Heed the warning before it’s too late!
    Watch for the tell-tale sign of corruption!
    The moment your son leaves the house,
    Does he rebuckle his knickerbockers below the knee?


    One of my favorites!

  13. @Jordan: maybe it hastened my slide, too. πŸ˜‰ I, too, wore my baseball hats backward as a kid, and as a girl, that probably made it all that much worse!

  14. Signs of the Apocalypse:
    1. Hat backwards
    2. Overalls with one buckle undone (Thanks early 90’s)
    3. Shoes left untied (Thanks 80’s)
    4. Guys in skinny jeans (Thanks 2007-)
    5. Straight billed “gangster” hats (worn backwards or sideways of course)
    6. More than one earring in a girl’s ear (especially if near the top)
    7. Non-natural hair colors
    8. Untucked shirts
    9. Hair that comes over the ears on guys or hair that doesn’t come over the ears on girls
    10. Large belt buckles that promote something that doesn’t come from the South or the Southwest

  15. The list goes on:
    I’ve actually heard strong hints that “real men” tie full Windsor knots in their ties, wear only wing tip shoes, have their wallets in their left hip pocket, and always have a pocket knife.

    1. But what if said Real Man is a southpaw, and carries his wallet in his RIGHT hip pocket? Horrors! He is damned beyond any and all hope! 😯

  16. Unless you’re in the military (epitome of a real man) you put your wallet in your front pocket so it won’t get stolen.

  17. I put my wallet in my front pocket because my chiropractor yells at me about it making my spine uneven if I sit on it all day.

    I guess I”m not really that manly.

  18. As a card carrying member of the Front Pocket Wallet Society, I’ve already crossed over the liberal socialist metrosexual compromiser line, not counting my longer sideburns, occasional backwards hats, untucked shirts, facial hair, and holy jeans (thanks chem lab!)…

  19. At a Christian camp one summer, the speaker preached on the verses about “not wearing that which pertaineth unto a man”. He applied this to pants on women of course, but then went the extra mile and said that we had to decide who got to wear baseball hats, since both sexes according to (his interpretation of) the Bible could not wear them.

    Needless to say, many people simply ignored that camp chapel….

    1. well, then I guess we better form a Tuesday night fellowship (un-paid babysitting in the nursery provided by the youth department girls, of course) and decide who gets to wear shoes, shirts, belts, coats, gloves, socks, underwear, scarves….I’ll bring the casserole!!! πŸ˜€

  20. We had “hat day” spirit day at my Christian school and I wore my hat backwards that day. After school I went to my church where I was informed that I need to stop looking like a *racial slur* with my hat on backwards in church…

  21. I think alm517 hit the real reason for this and many other rules fundies come up with: don’t want to be like those black folk! *sigh*

  22. True! I also heard “that wickedness is straight out of the jungles of Africa” quite often about many songs. The intolerance used to seem wrong to me but now it makes me angry.

  23. @alm517–didn’t you know that white, upper-middle class Europeans (or those of that descent) playing the harp and fife have the corner of purity of heart and Christ-worthiness?

    1. or at least that guy in the picture, with the kid and the guy on the drums next to him. πŸ™„
      you just try carrying a harp into battle, just go on and try it.

  24. Call me ignorant and just out from under my rock, but how did the backwards-cap thing start in the first place? FWIW, the bill is meant to keep the sun out of your eyes (very important in blazing bright Southern summer days); so wearing it backwards does defeat the purpose of wearing the cap at all. πŸ˜• ❓
    Just asking, as I wear a broad-brimmed sunhat that makes me look like a dork. 😳

    1. I was told that gangs began the practice of wearing the caps backwards, but the IFB leader who told me may have been making it up or repeating something that he heard another person say.

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