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  1. @Morgan: I wasn’t calling a particular person here out.

    It happens so much that I just wanted to mention it.

  2. It amazes me to see that something like this be blown to such proportions, that it becomes a bigger issue than more important things such as grace and forgiveness.

  3. “And don’t fall for the “dead end ” conspiracy.”

    I think that made me laugh more than anything else. /the queen of dead and split ends

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Cousin It! That may be the “godliest lady” I’ve ever seen, but I’m not gonna be the one asking her out on a date! 🙂

  5. Though I was unable to view the original blog entry, I can pretty much guess what this “hair controversy” is about and why so many people’s hair is on fire in discussing it. It seems to me that the whole issue of dress and personal holiness comes down to the simple fact that for many people, it is easier for them to change their outward appearance than to change their attitudes about those who do not believe the same way as they do.

  6. @Tikatu Even if so, I think I’d rather ask HIM out on date than fundy women. I still find that pic hilarious representation of whe women’s hair “should be” according to this “preacher”.

  7. I grew up in a hat-wearing fundy church. I heard the sermons preached on hats and hair by Minnick and Cairns. I completely disagree with their exegesis. BUT think on this, fellas: When you see a woman with short hair, do you ever think/say, “Wow! She’s beautiful!” Maybe. More often than not the word that comes to mind is cute, neat, butch . . . whatever. But take a fine faced woman and give her long hair and she goes from cute to beautiful. Most men (not all) like some length in their woman’s hair.
    This has nothing to do with theology per se, but it does support the truth that a woman’s long hair is her glory. But that is what being a fundy is all about – taking a truth and twisting it until it screams out their pre-conceived interpretation.

  8. That’s funny, Michael. I had long hair (down to mid-back) and I thought I looked ugly. The pictures taken of me then agreed. So did certain members of my family. No one was calling me beautiful with my long hair. But when I took off 10 inches, and got a new style, my husband (who doesn’t usually notice such things) told me how much he liked the change.

    My teenaged daughter had hair down to her derrierre. Everyone commented on how beautiful IT was. Not on how beautiful SHE was.

    So, long hair =/= beauty on a woman.

  9. @Darrell, I pity that poor woman! Believe me, long hair is NOT light. It’s even worse when it’s wet, and the longer your hair is, the longer it takes to dry.

  10. @ Amanda
    Not to mention how many hours she had to spend brushing it and plaiting it (you can see the waves where she braided it) just to keep it healthy and out of her way. Whew!

  11. Wow! You know, the “preacher” sounds so hateful. It would be hard to pick out any tone of love in what he says and how he says it.

    In addressing the question “How long is long,” he said it should be covering not only for her head, but for her body. Hmmmm.. What are clothes for then? I guess we girls don’t need clothes if we have long hair to cover us, but then, the above picture of the woman with long hair seems to have only her back side covered.

    I agree with a former comment about the attitude. Even the Bible states that God looks not on the outward appearance, but on the heart. The Holy Spirit is well able to let give each Christian who maintains a close relationship to Christ, the ability to discern between good and evil.

  12. Tikatu,
    I’m sorry you were ugly and your husband didn’t call you beautiful! 🙂 Seriously, that’s why I tried to use generalities. My point was more that the statement from God’s word (that a woman’s long hair is her glory) doesn’t have to take on the meaning the fundamentalists want to force on it, but neither does it negate it. Being able to laugh at fundy’s (and ourselves) is a nice diversion, but we have to be careful not to ride the pendulum too far.

  13. @Michael. Just to make it clear, my husband always calls me beautiful… that’s what my real name means. But he did appreciate the change. So did I. The other members of my family–none of whom actually live with me anymore, praise God–weren’t too pleased with my long locks, and they let me know this on every possible occasion. ;D

    @Carol. The whole “hair as clothing” brought up the Cousin It image you’ll find on the first page of the comments. Now there’s someone who *really* understands what that preacher meant!

  14. Excellent! Am I not mistaken that the Bible in the clip is a Scofield? Double Fundy points!

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