Hearing No Evil (Book Giveaway)

Book giveaways as blog promoters seem to be all the rage these days, so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and do one too. Thankfully, instead an Old Scofield KJV signed by yours truly (the most awesome prize ever!),  loyal SFL reader  Stephen of  Eskypades has offered to stand in the gap and provide  a more recently published book.

On offer is a copy of Matthew Paul Turner’s new book Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost. I’ll forgo to tell you all about the book since you probably already know about it and if you don’t, you can get all the information you need from those two links.

To enter this drawing, simply leave a comment on this post or send an e-mail to book@stufffundieslike.com. Make sure that you use a valid e-mail address so I can contact the winner. This drawing will remain open for one week at which point the winner will be chosen either randomly, according to a Divine mandate, or both (depending on your Theology Proper).

The book has been graciously provided via WaterBrook Multnomah Press. So there.

73 thoughts on “Hearing No Evil (Book Giveaway)”

  1. I’m in. Does the book have pictures? I like pictures. Does it have MP3s? Can I sync it with my Sansa?

  2. I would LOVE to win a copy of this book; read the first chapter online, and I’m really looking forward to more…

    …an autographed Schofield? Too good to pass up! Maybe next month’s giveaway?

  3. Count me in. If there’s an audio version, I’ll bet that when played backwards, you’ll hear “666” somewhere.

  4. Just started following your blog today. Been following MPT’s blog for a while. I would love to read this book.

  5. Make sure you employ the urim and thummim (and maybe a fleece) to divine God’s will in this important decision.

  6. I’m not saying it’s sinful not to give me the book. I’m just saying that I think it’s wiser to give it to me than not.Wiser to the point of obedience. Oh, and happy 301!

  7. We are signing up to win a KJV right? Because I would never want to win anything else…. O no, I just signed up to read heretic material! AAAAGH!

  8. I would enter the contest, but I frown on games of chance. If it is willed to me, it will be so without my having to enter the contest. I heard a sermon illustration where the pastor won the lottery without even playing because he was in the perfect center of God’s will for his life and was thereby blessed. I remember the altar being flooded that night as “All to Jesus I Surrender” was played on the organ. There was weeping and wailing at the old fashioned altar. The fun stopped when the pastor received a glaring look from a deacon who wanted to go home to watch the Super Bowl.

  9. Hello,

    I was reading the KJV this morning and God told me I was supposed to win a book this week.
    Please don’t hinder your eternal destiny by not picking me as the winner. God told me this book is mine.

    In Him (of course by Him I mean the God of the KJV, who listens ONLY to “sacred Music”),

  10. I can’t believe all the heretical commenters here!! How dare you claim to have divine revelation from God about winning this book! That is what those heathen charismatics do.

    And besides, just because God is in control doesn’t mean He decides who gets this book–then we wouldn’t have a free will. Duh!

    I can only pray that when the lots are cast, the results will be in accordance with God’s will. Of course, we cannot know God’s will, but if I do not win the book, it will be a sign that God has closed that door and I should not attempt to purchase it from Amazon either. God works in mysterious ways, amen?

  11. First post on this site! I’d love to have the book! Keep up the great work!

    AND I consider myself a Fundi, but in my basic doctrinal belief system (NOT KJV only,NOT women can’t wear pants, and NOT that my music has to be just a piano).

  12. Excellent, I was looking for new books for our church’s upcoming bonfire…

    Ok, really I would to read the book.

  13. 1. Yea, verily, I saw a great light.

    2. Out of the light walked Gabriel, angel of the Lord. Gabriel said, “The LORD sayeth, ‘What dost thou want from me?'”

    3. I replied, “LORD, thou dost know that thine servant quaketh in thine angel’s presence. Wouldst thou grant thine servant one request, to receive of thine holy prophet, Darrell, a blessing?”

    4. Gabriel replied, “What type of blessing, my son?”

    5. “Something that quencheth my thirst for knowledge,” I implored. “A blessing that will keep me from hearing evil.”

    6. “Thou hast found favor with the LORD,” Gabriel announced. “Let the host of Heaven dance in exultation as thine servant, Mark, receiveth the blessing of the LORD.”

    7. “This blessing requireth something from you, my son.”

    8. “The LORD may have anything from me. Shall I go to the heathen Pensacolaites, or witness to those worshiping at Mount Tee-Vee?”

    9. Gabriel reproached me. “No, my son. Thou must send the LORD’s prophet, Darrell, thine e-mail address.”

    10. And I wept with delight and hit “Send.”

  14. I’ll bite, and if I win I will donate a beautiful plate that I received from Bob Jones III as a wedding gift. (unfortunately it is not signed by this great prophet) It proudly displays the pedimus credimus emblem and is a “must have” relic for any serious former fundy. Shoot (sorry for the minced oath) I may even throw in my diploma.

  15. Just having this contest qualifies as “the appearance of evil”. . .what’s next? the lottery, then gambling. . and the long, slow process begins until soon you’re living on the street. It’s a slippery slope. . .just saying. . .

  16. That depends, does it quote the KJV for any of the heathen translations? Because if it doesn’t quote the KJV word for word, its soul-winning power isn’t as strong. Wait . . . this is a pastoral handbook, isn’t it?

  17. What a coincidence! I’m currently reading Matthew Turner’s “Churched: One kid’s journey toward God despite a holy mess.” It’s a great book so far.

    I was looking at this new book on Amazon just the other day, trying to decide if I wanted to add it to my wishlist (or outright buy it) or wait till the library gets a copy. Hmm. Maybe I’ll win! [grin]

  18. We may have accidentally burnt that book last week at our church’s annual rock music, video game and secular book burning bond fire and weeny roast. If we did, now I have a chance to replace it.

  19. Speaking of “divine revelation,” our pastor, a former fundy himself, had a “word from the Lord” recently. Our choir has had a distinct lack of men, and since none have volunteered themselves, our pastor went into the audience and let brother Dave know with a laying on of hands that he was called by the Lord to join the choir. Much laughter and applause ensued, until the congregation was informed that if more men did not volunteer, the pastor might have more “words from the Lord” in the future. : )

    Oh yeah, what was that you were saying about a book? Sounds cool, anyway!

  20. If it is based on clever posts, Mark should win.

    If not, I’ll take a ganders at it.

    These posts also remind me of often hearing from fundamentalists, “I don’t play the Lottery, because with my luck, I’d win and then the pastor and everyone in the church would know that I gambled!”

  21. Mark is a fraud. And a schismatic heretic. And a twister of Bible-type verse action. I vote that he be stricken from the contest for some reason or other.

    Who’s with me? Give me a hearty “Aye,” or I’ll be forced to question your manhood (except for our little ladies, of course – although I hear that several of them have overly hairy arms).

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