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  1. “Romans’ Road”…yeck. Too many times I’ve heard this and had to go over with it. We were supposed to memorize it…
    And all his “logic points” I’ve heard. Such as the “free gift” and such. I heard it taught in Sunday school’s and whatnot in old IFB church. Seriously. They had sessions on this if I recall correctly.

    But nice complement to the previous post. Seems all too familiar.

  2. My favorite part of these types of videos is how the “sinner” is dressed casually, while the “soulwinner” is dressed inevitably in a white shirt, dress pants, etc.

  3. In the past I’ve done quite a lot of this sort of evangelism. The reason it is done, (at least my reason), is that you can meet people that you would otherwise never meet. Being courteous is the prime consideration here. Although it is rare, there are times when God has prepared the heart of the person at the door. Because of changes in our society, it is probably easier to seek other avenues to express our faith in these times.

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