FWOTW: The Tony Hutson One-Liner Podcast

The “lunatic fringe” of fundamentalism is never quite as far away from the “mainstream” as those who claim to be the mainstream would have you believe. Since guilt by association is a favorite game of many fundies, I’ll beg your indulgence while I try my own hand at it for a moment.

Consider Tony Hutson, son of former Sword of  the Lord editor Curtis Hutson. A few minutes spent listening to the Tony Hutson One-Liner Podcast will reveal a slew of crazy rants that attempt to pass for preaching. Don’t miss the story on apologetics that ends with a recounting of an alleged conversation where Curtis Hutson tells Tony “boy, you’re even more ignorant than your mama.” Um…amen?

Yet for all of this craziness, he still maintains close ties with Sword of the Lord. He has a listing at the top of their Tenessee Church Directory and routinely preaches at SOTL conferences. Meanwhile, the Sword of the Lord has grown increasingly close to none other than the “mainstream” fundamentalist organization Pensacola Christian College who from all accounts puts quite a sum of money into keeping the Sword afloat. To emphasize that tie, SOTL Editor Shelton Smith will be preaching at the PCC Campus Church from Jan. 18-22 of this month. There is no stronger endorsement in fundyland than letting a man fill your pulpit.

Hutson->Smith->PCC. Is there really a “mainstream” of fundamentalism when crazyland is never more than a hop skip and a jump away? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. I don’t care who you are, “Red Cowboy Boots” is pretty funny! Hutson should go on the road and do stand-up.

  2. He used to speak in chapel when I was in High School , and every time, he would do something outrageous, but he would always spit and sweat all over the place, while he was yelling. I always remembered thinking, if this is real Christianity, i may need a rabies shot first.

  3. I couldn’t get any of them to play longer than 5 seconds, they kept shutting off. Maybe God is watching over me.

  4. I grew up in P-cola and I’ve always thought that PCC was on the crazy side of fundamentalism.

  5. I feel slightly lost…Maybe that’s a good thing. Seeing I was fortunate to not grow up on this side of Fundyland.

  6. I look at the photo and I have a saturday night live skit run through my head, “and I live in a van behind the church”

  7. I was listening to the “I am Santa Claus” one, and it was kinda scary when he said he bought a little girl on his bus route “pretty lacy drawers”……I wouldn’t trust him around my kids.

    1. Jordan Maria wrote: “he bought a little girl on his bus route “pretty lacy drawers”……”

      That is very disturbing… 👿

  8. The mainstream of Fundamentalism is whoever has the most numbers. Sorry Mounty, the BJU and GARB side is dying while the crazyland side is growing by leaps and bounds in comparison. There are more freaks like him and those who follow those who are in league with guys like him in fundyism.

    PCC was the liberal side of fundyism where I grew up.

  9. My husband was spit upon by Curtis Hutson in Bible College while he was ranting about something while he was preaching. What a blessing! (enter sarcasm here)

  10. This crap passes for preaching? I’ve heard Tony Hutson speak several times and I can’t stand him. He’s full of it. How people actually endorse him as a preacher is beyond me.

    1. I have no idea how ignorant Tony’s mama may or may not be. Nonetheless, I have no trouble believing that Tony is much more ignorant than she is.

  11. This is a mockery of true Bible preaching! No wonder they’re trying to pass laws against Christianity!!!

    1. “True” “Bible” preaching? I have heard intelligent, able preaching of the Word of God, and this is not it. Who are “they” who are trying to pass laws against Christianity?
      Oops! Is this another example of Poe’s Law? Pretty good.

  12. Lets get a rope and hang this guy, or maybe we should crucify him. That’s what they did to another unusual “preacher” that was a little different. Just because they win souls is no reason to think they are of any worth…right? Any body know the definition of the word “pharisee” ???

  13. They didn’t like John the Baptist ,truth makes many upset.maybe u should ask God to show u wats in ur life causing to run down his servant.sin causes us to try and find faults in others.

    1. “Full of judgemental hypocrites” kind of like every IFB church I’ve ever been in

    2. If that doesn’t sound like a judgment, I don’t know what does.

      We are ALL hypocritical. It’s just a matter of how much, how often.

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