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  1. Much as I would love to find out more about this man I’ve never heard of, I’m not sure I can do an hour-long YouTube video of an old guy with a nearly incomprehensible southern accent. Sorry. Guess I’ll be forever ignorant. 🙂

  2. From SOL:

    “R.G. Lee was born November 11, 1886, and died July 20, 1978. The midwife attending his birth held baby Lee in her black arms while dancing a jig around the room, saying, “Praise God! The Lord has sent a preacher to this house.”


  3. I realize this may be the wrong place to stick up for Mr. Lee, but I do believe “Payday Someday” is one terrific sermon. When I have taught on Naboth’s vineyard, using much of Payday Someday (with full credit to Mr. Lee), there appears to have been much fruit.

  4. I’m not sure if he’s considered a “fundy,” but most of the folks I know who hold R.G. Lee in high regard feel the same way about Vance Havner. Mr. Havner was a great preacher, and several of his sermons are available on the internet.

  5. Thank you, Will. His accent is noticeable (like I said–it’s an odd one that he shares with Bob Jones Sr.) but by no means “thick” or “incomprehensible.” If anyone wants to hear that, I’ll gladly record some of my cousins.

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