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  1. They actually have assignments on how to make missionary boards at the big Bible colleges. I imagine it would be like being back in 3rd grade, making a poster about your favourite country, except, this time, you mention how there are no Bible believing churches in it.

  2. this is, and will always be, one of my favorite sfl posts.

    Because I was a kid with no tv who loved missionary displays.

  3. I’m a missionary’s wife. We’ve had a board like this. I find it absurd that you people sit around making fun of people like us and what we do. Have you nothing better to do? You seem like very bitter people. It is actually heart breaking as I sit here far from home and family knowing there are people like you making fun of what we do. The pictures we take back to the states are real people to us. It’s not some National Geographic thing. They are souls that the Lord has saved. They are family to us. When we show those DVD presentations, I sit and bawl my eyes out missing my home, my family in our chosen country. Those pictures, the information we give you are ways to show you all how precious our chosen country is to us. You’ve lost site of the reason for it all and made it just another way to bash fundies. Up until 3 days ago, I had no idea there were people like you out there. I had no idea there was a group of people dedicated to bashing other Christians. I’m quite amazed at it all. I’m sure the Lord is very pleased with your attitudes. You may have all been hurt by a fundy, as you call us. SICK. That gives you some kind of license to sit around and bash ALL IFBers??? I keep reading posts and just sit here shaking my head that you may think I am in my kitchen all day baking bread for my husband, sewing the rest of the day for my precious 28 children. I have 2….2. That’s it. This really is a sick, sick site.

    1. I was a missionary kid and we had a board like this as well. This post really wasn’t intended to poke fun. It was more like a nostalgia for an analog world in an increasingly digital age.

      When I’m laughing at these board I’m laughing at me too. You should try it. It’s fun.

  4. Oh, so much I would like to say but I just keep deleting. I will say I poke fun at myself more than any other person. Or at least until I posted on here. You all could/will probably do a better job than I ever could just with the tiny bit of information I have given you about myself. I wasn’t really talking about JUST this post, but to the whole site. I just can’t believe there’s a site dedicated to doing this. Sadly, the “fundies” as you all call them, probably have their own site bashing you all as well. Thank God I am in my corner of the the world and don’t have to deal with this. Nothing like being all alone! whoohoo! You all need to get a life.

    1. Thankfully, we all have a life now. What we had while we were in fundy chains was NOT a life.

      The real “bashing” goes on in IFB churches three days a week! Some of the hateful, mean spirited things that is touted as “preaching”…. 👿

      Hopefully, one day you will get your head out of the sand and enjoy the freedom that is only found is Christ and not in all of the rules and regulations spewed from the pulpit 3 times a week.

  5. It is a sad thing that many of the “fundy” church are very hateful in their actions, but you should not make the mistake that every IFB is hateful and so against anything fun. I am an IFB youth pastor myself and have learned as I have studies God’s Word have learned much and that while I might preach hard at times to my teens, I also realize that no everything that may be offensive to me or considered offensive to someone else is a sin. The Bible does allow for personal differences, we see this through Jesus own followers. I have been in the “my way or the highway” churches, but because of the experience of going through that atmosphere I have learned to be a more balance preacher and teacher, there is a time to preach hard on sin, but there is also a time to preach encouragement and uplifting messages. I know this doesn’t have to do with the above picture, but just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t take all IFBers as people who are hateful.

    BTW as a former missionary myself, I did find much humor in the picture above. I am actually working on a display for a missionary at this moment. I do graphic design, so hopefully my NG will be a little bit better than the NG of old days 🙂

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