FWOTW: BaptistVideos.org

baptistvideosNot content to only provide an IFB alternative to Facebook, some enterprising fundies have also created a separated and sanctified alternative to YouTube as well. BaptistVideos.org provides endless minutes of delight with offerings such as a Billy Sunday Impression, A Sermon from CLA Founder David Gibbs, and my vote for the Worst Q&A Session Ever.

Also note that there’s not a sermon under 50 minutes long anywhere to be found. Glory!

18 thoughts on “FWOTW: BaptistVideos.org”

  1. The sermons absolutely must be over 50 minutes long because everyone knows that in the latter days, evil men will gather around themselves preachers who will tell them what they want to hear (or the KJV version that always got my imagination going: “teachers having itching ears”), and what evil men want to hear is shorter sermons. All we pagans with our short attention spans!

  2. I had to turn it off at 13min when he said that you have to teach the people proper english – that we dont’ need a new TR translation. Because everyone knows that Jesus & Paul required everyone to learn Hebrew so that they could understand the teaching.

  3. I’m sorry, but “BV”? Really??!?

    I’m a doctor. BV to me means “bacterial vaginosis”.

    Perhaps someone should post a sermon about avoiding questionable associations… Oh, right. I’m sure there are plenty there already. Carry on then.

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