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  1. Hey, when I was in Christian School, we could also wear gauchos which were a bit narrower in the leg. However, the legs on those things would still balloon out like a parachute if a brisk wind went up ’em.

    It didn’t really matter how tight you wore ’em, as long as they weren’t pants. 😀 Same with skirts, dresses, etc. Ah, sweet consistency.

  2. What’s wrong with cullottes? I, for one, think that no godly woman has any business wearing pants. I think the person pictured in your cullotte picture could stand to get a pair of looser fiting cullottes. Any christian woman knows that the cullottes must bell to a width of at least four feet from the inner portion of the knee.

    It’s a shame that more young ladies aren’t wearing cullottes. When I shop for work clothes, I can’t buy a thing. I have to get my cullotte suits especially made so that I do not become a burden on the consciences of the heathens in my workplace.

  3. I agree with Crystal, except I have to protest further. The “t-shirt” being worn in that photograph is way too tight. That would not have passed a dress check in the hallowed halls of my Christian school. Bless her heart. Now this inappropriate photo will probably come back to haunt her when she is a preacher’s wife someday.

  4. She could stand to go through the potluck line a few more times each week. She’s too skinny to be a Baptist.

  5. After having to live with those things for far too long, I will remain forever convinced that culottes were invented by a man who hated women with every fiber of his being. Culottes are not modest, they are not convenient, they are not attractive, and they have no Scriptural mandate. The only thing they are good for is bonfire fuel.

  6. *dies*

    oh goodness, this is what my fundy church/school wears. The worst is the 30-40 year old women wearing them =O

    By all means, don’t run around in skintight underwear to play volleyball/softball. But culottes? Come on.

  7. I recognize the shirt, it’s an old PCC shirt. Plaid + coulottes, a combination that should never see the light of day.

  8. I think I still have the pattern to make these, if anyone is interested. And, yes, they have to be made.

    Nothing that ugly sells in a store.

  9. They look like a shorter version of some pajama pants I have. I hope she isn’t unconsciously making men think of what she might look like in bed…

  10. Okay, they look like jammies, they slide up when playing baseball, if someone is rock climbing wearing them, someone behind them can look straight up them, and they’re loose enough I’m sure they show undies on a roller coaster or other amusement park rides. And they are supposed to be modest how?!?

  11. who i remember those horrible things. they were the most embarrassing things ever. i am thankful however for a youth pastor that’s at my church now allows the girls to wear mens basketball shorts. they are still covered but don’t look ridiculous. they however wear culottes for their games against other schools and churches out of respect for the other teams. even the guys still where sports pants cause others thought they were revealing. i heard of super Fundy people who thought that was over the top

  12. The shirt should have nothing that accentuates the bumpy parts. Having decoration on that area makes males notice the bumpy parts and then the males will have protuberances of their own to deal with. Can’t have that.

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