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  1. Yes, at a church where I attended the Pastor always called it “Resurrection Sunday.” I didn’t have an issue with that. I did wonder if he was disappointed that it didn’t catch on with most of the congregation.

    No doubt, if he’s there long enough, he will weed out the compromisers and have a church full of people who eschew Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and Easter outfits in favor of the sanctified Resurrection Sunday baskets, Resurrection Sunday eggs, and Resurrection Sunday outfits.

  2. haha at our church our pastor says Easter… but we don’t attend the typical “Fundy” church, either. 🙂

  3. Ha! This is funny, ’cause just last week I got buttonholed by a visitor (who was not from a fundy church) and was reprimanded for using “Easter” from the pulpit. Easter is bad cause it’s pagan, y’know. Strangely, he wasn’t offended when I wished him a “happy Sunday.”

  4. I grew up in a church that essentially ignored everything about Easter – the whole thing was heathen. No Christmas and no Easter. Jesus was never born, crucified, and resurrected, I reckon…

  5. I’m with Andrew here. Some fundy churches I was a part of, never emphasized Easter or Christmas. They never stopped their normal preaching routine at all to cover these Christian holidays.

  6. I was happy, Bob, if they stuck with a normal preaching routine instead of preaching a Christmas/Easter bashing message. Funny how those visitors who had been coming for a few months never came back…

  7. A fundy aunt of mine always makes a point of wishing each of us a “Happy Resurrection Sunday” at annual family Easter gatherings, and doing so in that passive-aggressive way that so much as says [i]You’re all heathens and going straight to hell.[/i]

    My aunt as some serious and longstanding mental and emotional problems (which I’m sure is why she, born and raised a more-or-less nominal Lutheran like the rest of us) was attracted to fundy theology in the first place), so I try to be patient and understanding around her. Besides, she’s family. But that shit does get very, very old after a while.

  8. So funny considering the KJV is badly in error when it uses the word ‘Easter’ in Acts 12:4. So the only version that uses the word ‘Easter’ is the version venerated by those who hate to use that pagan word.

  9. As a Fundy, I did learn a lot and some of it stuck. Easter is not only used in the KJV, but also in Tyndale’s Bible, the “Great” Bible, and the Bishop’s Bible. Those Bibles actually used it more than once. Tyndale essentially invented the transliteration of “Passover” since there was nothing in English that was the equivelent of Pascha, which usually refers to the Passover. For some reason, which I won’t bother going into, Tyndale chose to use Easter here instead of Passover, despite being the originator of the word.

    Seeing as this is pretty much the only fundy thing I haven’t given up, let me say that BECAUSE Easter is a “pagan” word is the exact reason most KJVO’s believe it should be in Acts 12:4. Herod was a Pagan.

    God bless 🙂 Hope it clears up some confusion.

  10. Nope, not at all since every other time the greek word ‘pascha’ is used in the KJV N.T. it’s translated ‘Passover’. Has nothing to do w/ who said it, but what he said. One thing he definitely didn’t say was ‘Easter’. There goes the perfect word-for-word translation that is the o.k. (but flawed ) KJV.

    Com’on man, pick up and NIV or an ESV and read it for a year. That will change your mind!! Come out from among them (fundies) and be ye separate!!!!! You’re already sliding down that slippery slope…just let go and come on down (it’s great down here). 🙂

  11. I’m guessing all the little fundy kids get a Chick Tract and a chocolate cross made of cheap, inferior chocolate (yes, they’re real. I used to work at a candy store that sold them. Well, they were there…no one really bought them) instead of a Lindt or Godiva chocolate bunny.

  12. Christians should not use the names of the days of the week – they are pagan.
    Tuesday (can’t remember, but definitely pagan)
    Wenesday=Woden (viking god)
    Thursday=Thor (ditto)
    Friday=Freya (ditto)
    Saturday=Saturn (roman god, not the planet)
    Sunday=the Sun

        1. This could get pretty confusing if you decide it’s too pagan to use the names of the months too. I know January – Janus and June – Juno. July is for Julius Caesar and August for Augustus; they were people not gods, but people were expected to burn incense to them honoring them as gods so those names better be off limits too.

          At first appearance, September – December should be okay since they’re just Latinized for NUMBERS (of course, all wrong because September is the ninth month not the seventh), but LATIN is used by Roman Catholics so those months should probably have their names changed as well.

        2. all I’m doing is following the Fundamentalists logic about Paganism and seeing where it leads me (up the creek without a paddle)

        3. I know! 🙂 (It’s hard to write sarcastically without throwing these little emoticons in to let people know you’re being tongue-in-cheek.)

          That’s the same logic they use for not having Christmas trees or not letting their child decorate their room with rainbows.

    1. I hope the fundies don’t read this – they may take it seriously. Then it’s only a matter of time before some Fundamentalist Preacher starts campaigning against the traditional names of the days. “Pagan Worship Every Day Of The Week!”

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