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If you happen to have any friends or relatives who are still fundamentalists it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve been blessed with their forwarded e-mails that inform you of lurking dangers and global conspiracies backed up by the finest new source known to man: worldnetdaily.com. Unlike the liberal mainstream press who only report on how evil Republicans are, worldnetdaily stands in the gap providing fundies and others of their political ilk the real inside scoop on why the CIA is monitoring your toilet paper usage or what really caused Mrs. Augustine Puddlemeyer to cry “Lord Have Mercy!” at 3:47 on Monday afternoon.

If it weren’t for worldnetdaily, there would be so much less material with which pastors could frighten their congregations during the monthly “19 Reasons Why I’m Stockpiling Ammunition Until Jesus Comes Back” sermon. And my e-mail inbox would certainly be a more empty.