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Fundy Purity Test

How fundamentalist are you? Take this short quiz and add up your points to find out!

The Gospel is…
a) The entirety of a Christian life lived by grace (-10)
b) Found in the Romans Road (+3)
c) Whatever it takes to get people to the altar (+5)

My bible is an…
a) NIV (-10)
b) KJV (+3)
c) KJB1611 Old Scofield Wide Margin Black Leather Cover Oxford Press 1978 edition 3rd Printing. (+15)

Modesty is…
a) Culturally relative (-3)
b) Trying to help men not to stumble with lustful thoughts (+3)
c) Our ceaseless struggle against the evil that is our own naked body(+7)

At the Marriage at Cana Jesus made
a) Alcoholic wine (-8)
b) Wine that was a teeny bit alcoholic but not enough for anybody to notice (+1)
c) Welches (+5)

Music is best when…
a) It speaks to mind, soul, and body (-5)
b) It was written in the 1850’s (+1)
c) It’s barely barely enjoyable (+6)

He that gives to the poor…
a) Lends to the Lord. (-2)
b) Encourages sloth and laziness (+1)
c) Is wasting money better spent on missions (+5)

My pastor is…
a) Just a man like any other. (-7)
b) The man who makes of the local church (+3)
c) Where I go to find out what the Holy Spirit wants (+7)

I graduated from…
a) A secular school. (-5)
b) A well-known Fundy U (+3)
c) Homeschool college. Then went straight into full-time ministry (+9)

The Lord desires every person to…
a) Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. (-5)
b) Be cheerful all the time. (+3)
c) Have “three to thrive” (+6)

I read SFL to…
a) Gently laugh at my past life (-5)
b) See how crazy my church really is (0)
c) See if I can spot my church members commenting so I can “better pray for them” (+10)