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Strong’s Concordance

Need to write a sermon on a topic but don’t know where to start? Since 1890, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance has been helping fundamentalists string together verses that contain the same word regardless of their respective contexts. You need proof texts? We got proof texts.

But wait, there’s more! Want to go even deeper and give your message that scholarly air? Jump into the list of 8674 Hebrew and 5624 Greek root words used in the Bible.  Pick the definition of the word that closest fits your preconceived idea of what the passage should say, throw in a healthy dose of Scofield’s notes and away you go!

Order now and we’ll also include a handy guide to Making 1611 English Mean Whatever You Want. This little book is packed to the gills with ways to milk obscure words and obsolete phrases for all the power and prestige you can stand! A $1,348,103 value yours absolutely free!

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so let’s get dangerous! Operators are standing by.