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Standing For The Reading Of The Text


Nitpick warning: This post is going to be a nitpick about something that really doesn’t matter. It seriously doesn’t matter even a little bit. Probably even less than that. If you’re looking for a weighty discussion about deep things…what on earth are you doing here anyway??

Why do some fundy pastors have people stand for the text out of “respect for the word of God” (often citing Nehemiah in the process) but then let people sit for the rest of the Scripture passages?

If it’s necessary to stand for the text to avoid any disrespect, is it then allowed to disrespect verses that aren’t the text?

Of course, some fundamentalist pastors cleverly avoid this problem altogether by never reading any other Scripture during the sermon.

This has been a nitpicky post about something that really doesn’t matter. If you attempt to build a theological case about why it does matter, I will in all likelihood inform you that you really shouldn’t be on the Internet and instead should be hanging out in some place where everything is taken very, very seriously.