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Pastors Who Find Themselves in Scripture

Brothers and sisters I have made a new discovery! This morning in my prayer closet I opened up my Scofield and to my surprise and delight I discovered that the Scripture are actually all about ME!

Where it talks about obedience it means to obey MY rules and regulations.

As it speaks of love it means to love ME more than your family, friends, or neighbors.

Whenever it talks about giving it means that you need to give to MY church.

If you read of reaching out to the world it means showing up to MY programs, projects, and fulfilling my plans.

And when it talks of giving glory to God, well of course you know that he is best honored when you honor ME on his behalf.

Humility means treating ME with due deference. Mercy means forgiving MY faults. Justice means giving ME what I’m owed.

This is my gospel. This is my testament. “These very Scriptures speak about me.”