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rookIf you happen to be on a fundamentalist college campus and see four  guys hunched over a table with cards in their hands, more than likely you are in the presence of one of the the never-ending Rook games that frequent those hallowed halls.

In 1906, Parker Brothers shrewdly created Rook in answer to the Christian objections to games played with standard playing cards.  Fundamentalist college students are forever in their debt. Indeed, many fundamentalists study the game of rook in all it’s variations with the same dedication that others study poker. Being a Rook shark is a high place of honor indeed.

So pull up a chair and prepare to bid or set. Call trump well, void as many colors as you can and hope you’re dealt the Rook. And give thanks that you too can enjoy the pleasures of a card game without risking your soul to the evils of playing cards.

Parker Brothers thanks you.