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Roman Catholic Conspiracies

pope-benedictWhen it comes to Roman Catholics, the major disagreement amongst fundamentalists is whether in the book of Revelation the Pope is actually the anti-Christ or merely the False Prophet. Either way, they all agree that Roman Catholics want to run the world and are responsible for quite a number of its ills.

Based on reports from the likes of Jack Chick and his tales of former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, fundamentalists are willing to believe any number of conspiracy theories about Roman Catholics — up to and including that the Gestapo was run by the Jesuits. Some will also inform you that Roman Catholics are responsible for Free Masons, Lincoln’s Assassination, The New World Order, disco music, Oprah, and the “song” Boom, Boom, Pow.

The only people that fundamentalists may distrust more than Roman Catholics are the Communists. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the theory that the Vatican is the real power behind Communism too. There’s a sale on tinfoil hats on aisle 5.