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Getting Sermons “From God”

If you’ve ever listened to a preacher claim that after hours of fruitless sermon preparation he was supernaturally given three alliterated points and an amusing story about a chinchilla during the final verse of the last hymn before the message…you might have been a fundamentalist.

Although fundamentalists will all claim that the the completion of the Bible ended direct revelation from God, they don’t bat an eye at a pastor who claims that God has divinely inspired his choice of text, interpretation of said text, and all associated illustrations, pontifications, magnifications, and ululations. Evidently, direct revelation isn’t as over as all that.

The job of any preacher undoubtedly to proclaim “thus saith the Lord.”  A preacher who claims to be a cessationist while proclaiming “thus saith the Lord to me right before I got up here this morning” is worth a second glance.  And that’s all the Lord has laid on my heart to say on the matter.