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A Poem For The End of Days

This little psalm of fundy hope and encouragement came from the Facebook status of Bible Baptist Church of Port Orange, FL. I hope it’s a blessing to your heart, health to your bowels, and a swift kick in the pants (or culottes if you’re a lady).

Twas the night before Rapture,
And all through the land;
Not a soul could be stirred,
Not even God’s man.

The Churches were filled,
With social events;
With rock and roll music,
And much money spent.

They threw out the Hymnals,
And changed the Old Book;
Lived purpose filled lives;
But God’s Word they forsook.

Yea preachers preach sermons,
With words so discreet;
They download their outlines,
And on them put meat.

They mince all their words,
From beginning to end;
But preach against sin,
We dare not offend!

The Church should be relevant;
You hear them all say;
Not too old fashioned,
More geared for today.

With coffee and donuts,
For all who attend;
And gossip sessions,
As prayer among friends.

Playgrounds for children,
Entertainment for teens;
Just keep them coming,
Whatever the means.

Let’s feed the homeless,
And do our good deeds;
It makes us feel good,
To meet someone’s needs.

While men’s souls are burning,
yet more day by day,
For fear of offense,
Nothing do we say.

I might risk my job,
Make the boss mad at me;
If the gospel I give,
To that vile employee

Though countless will perish,
For eternity burn,
Don’t ask me to witness,
Don’t seek my concern.

To yield unto God’s Word,
I cannot, you see;
Lest one I offend,
And they wont like me.

So I’ll just wait for Jesus,
To sweep me away;
When he calls with a shout,
That grand Rapture day

When the Trump shall resound,
Translated we’ll be,
I wonder how many Are going with me.

Will my children, my parents,
My spouse next to me,
Make it to Heaven,
For Eternity?

The man at the Store,
Who I joked with today,
Will he make it to Heaven,
On that Rapture Day?

My neighbor, my friend,
My enemy as well;
Have I told them enough,
To spare them from Hell?

(- Pastor Craig Moss, 12/22/12)

Fundy Christmas Day 12: Merry Christmas

There are so many things that bring joy to this season:
Carols and presents and remembering the Reason
the angels brought tidings of Peace and Goodwill.
Wise Men, they’ve told us, are seeking Him still.

But for fundies the Christmas joys hardly end there;
There are so many other great moments to share…

Looking for Santa and KJV cards
Decoding the prophets and missing by yards
Correcting traditions of donkeys and of kings
Giving a Bible instead of mere things
Singing cantatas with someone’s demise
And not using “Xmas” which fundies despise
Santa gets shot which is greeted with cheers
and canceling Sunday once each seven years
Claiming that Joseph was quite an old geezer
(Yes, making up stuff is a certain crowd-pleaser)

But here on this blog we’ll remember with laughter
all of that nonsense we once followed after
Then give thanks to God we’ve now taken flight
Merry Christmas to each of you and to each a good night.