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Planting A Seed

BPSTo their credit, fundamentalists are big believers in outreach. No matter how many times they are rejected, laughed at, spit on, or have a door slammed shut they just keep right on going. In fact, they keep on going even when it’s apparent to everyone but them that what they’re doing is having no positive effect whatsoever. When the witnessing method du jour is bearing no visible results, fundies will inevitably say that they are at least “planting a seed.”

Are you holding up Bible verse signs at a racetrack? Planting a seed!

Are you preaching from the back of a moving pickup truck? Planting a seed!

Are you yelling at cars at an intersection during the heat of summer when people have their windows up, their A/C on, and their music playing and couldn’t for the life of them tell whether you’re preaching the gospel or expounding theories about flying saucers? Planting a Seed!

Bumper Stickers? Yard Signs? Tracts strewn about like confetti? All are planting a seed. At least they might be. Sorta. Maybe.

Faith cometh by hearing. Evidently fundies don’t stop to consider that maybe it doesn’t work so well if all the people are hearing is the annoying buzz of obsolete or obnoxious techniques.

Yelling at traffic and calling it witnessing is about as ingenious as construction workers yelling at women as they pass and calling it courtship.