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Open Doors, Closed Doors

In fundamentalism God is a full-time doorman, constantly busy with opening and shutting various doors of opportunity. This notion of God is popular because claiming a door to be divinely open or a shut is a fantastic way to take responsibility off of an individual and instead place it on the Almighty…

“After four years of twisting arms, preaching on giving, and reworking the budget, God has opened a door for us to begin a new building program!”

“After spending all of my work hours “soulwinning” and arguing with my coworkers about politics instead of of working, God has shut the door on my further employment with that company.” (and now he’s opening a door for you to have the ministry of paying my rent, Amen?).

“After two years of forgetting to fill out the right visa paperwork and ignoring deadlines, God has shut the door on our further ministry in Europe.”

“My daddy is the preacher, my uncle is the head deacon, and now God has opened the door for me to take the job as their Christian School administrator at the age of 22 1/2.”

Who can ever really know if an invisible door is open or shut? It’s the ultimate in spiritualizing folly.