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Excerpts From A Pensacola Christian College Staff Handbook

In case anybody thinks I’m making up all of the stuff I wrote in the last post, here’s a copy of the Staff Handbook from A Beka Services Ltd, one of the “ministries” run by the administration of Pensacola Christian college :

For those of you who have neither the time or inclination to read the whole things, here are a few relevant excerpts…

Page 19

“We expect Our personnel not to…watch movies rated PG,R,or X whether on cable, Internet, regular TV, video or DVD. When personnel are seen at video rental places, it can hurt the person’s testimony and the ministry’s testimony”

Page 22
“God’s hand of blessing has been on this ministry, and we think one reason is because we, the faculty and staff, have chosen to live a life dedicated to God rather than follow the lifestyle of the world…A big area of temptation today is Hollywood movies in the PG, R, and X-rated categories…Hollywood movies always dull the appetite for spiritual things and eventually lead to a defeated Christian life, causing casualties to the temptations of the flesh. In time, that person will either leave the Lord’s work or at least be non-productive in the Lord’s work.”

Page 24
“Walking shorts and culottes should not be worn for shopping malls…Walking shorts and culottes should not be worn on Sundays, whether you are going for a walk on the beach or going for a picnic after church. Instead you could wear a casual dress or skirt…we ask that personnel daughters abide by these policies beginning on their thirteenth birthday.”

Page 28
For your spiritual well-being as well as the sake of the corporate testimony of this ministry, you are expected to attend Campus Church services regularly Sunday Morning (including Bible Study), Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening.

Certainly we would expect our personnel attending the Campus Church to also support it with their tithes and offerings.

Sunday is considered a day of rest–not a shopping day to go to the malls, shop for groceries, or participate in music benefits…sports activities…are to be reserved for days other than Sunday. Children should not play organized ball games on Sunday.

Isn’t it great? Your employer is not only the guardian of your righteous soul but also the de facto parent of your children. Rejoice and be exceeding glad ministry workers!