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Daring to Call it “Education”

Right or wrong, Alabama has a reputation for harboring some pretty extreme right-wingers in its leadership. This is, after all, the state where the Chief Justice is Roy Moore of the Ten Commandments fame. It doesn’t get much Moore (ahem) conservative than that.

But even by Alabama standards, this week’s news that former student of Pensacola Christian College who has never attended a public school, never sent his kids to a public school, and has, in fact, fought against efforts to raise school funding has been appointed by the governor to the Alabama Board of Education. Matthew Brown a man for all seasons only if that season happens to be summertime when schools are out.

But it gets worse.

A source who once attended church with Matthew reports that Matthew also has done work for creationism shyster and tax fraud Kent Hovind ,even staying in touch with him while Kent was serving his sentence for tax evasion. Matthew was a also known as “one of our go-to door knockers”, a soul-winning type who wasn’t above accosting lovebirds making out on a public bench and telling them that what they’re doing is a sin. High-schoolers, your petting parties stop now.

It will be interesting to see what happens when you put such a man in the place of helping make educational decisions for the children of an entire state. I hope they enjoy using A Beka.

I’m sure there will be more to follow on this story. Stay tuned…