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Epilogue: A Few Suggestions

Pensacola Christian College is not known for listening to advice from former students on how to improve life on campus and even less known for listening to former students who are on their perpetual “black list.” Nevertheless, in the spirit of not only pointing out the wrong but also promoting the right here is my list of suggestions for ways the college could improve life on campus.

1. Love your students.

That’s it. That’s the entire sum of what is lacking at PCC.

If you love your students you won’t provoke them to wrath with petty, unjust, and ever-changing rules.

If you love your students you won’t mislead them with incomplete information, not telling them about the real rules until they’ve already spent their money.

If you love your students you won’t presume them guilty until proven innocent.

If you love your students you’ll get regionally accredited to give your graduates the best possible opportunities.

If you love your students you’ll teach them to be responsible and let them exercise their own soul liberty instead of taking a one-size-fits-none approach to sanctification.

If you love your students you’ll make your priority looking after their safety and well-being instead of first trying to protect your own reputation.

And since love bears all things and believes all things, I hope and believe that someday I will begin to see more true love on PCC campus. It could happen today if you who are in power would only let it.

Love Defined

Dear Lost Soul,

I love you. I love you so much that I’ll probably never…

…eat at your house or attend any social function where you will be present.

…watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books, or listen to your favorite music in an attempt to relate to you.

…let my children be friends with your kids or even let them be on the same sports teams

…dress like you do or make any concession to making you feel comfortable around me

…use your vocabulary instead of my own church words

…leave you a generous tip

…try to help you with your physical needs unless you start attending my church

…hug you, shake your hand, or really even touch you at all

…just be your friend regardless of how we differ on politics or religion

…give you a Bible you can easily understand

…appreciate you as God’s creation without conditions, presuppositions, or agendas

…let you know that I am human too

That’s how much I love you. That’s how much God loves you. Maybe someday you’ll deserve more.


Your Local Independent Fundamental Baptist Representative Of Christ On Earth