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The (Independent) Local Church

Fundamentalism is largely the product of American thought and as such lends itself well to the sort of rugged individualism that we so admire in this country. This picture of the Christian as a lone gunmen is so revered that fundies put “Independent” right in their name. All we need is thee and me and the KJV (and truth be told, I don’t even really need thee).

What this reclusive Christianity means is that a New Testament Bible-Believing Independent Fundamental Baptist assembly is accountable to nobody in matters of doctrinal minutiae or hair styles except their pastor, his old pastor, the president of that pastor’s college, and the staff evangelists from the regional IFB fellowship. Thankfully, the people in this accountability chain do not get involved in the oversight of things like ethical breaches and moral failure. It’s there that being Independent really pays off.

If your ideal of Christianity is a church built on a deserted island then fundyland may just be for you. “Plays well with others” doesn’t even make it onto the fundamentalist report card.