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Ministry Updates with Evangelist Lee Dean

What are you doing on New Years Eve? Well, here evangelist Lee Dean describes a fundamentalist watch night service complete with “Cowbell Preaching.”

We then had Round 1 of an exciting “Cowbell” service. If you’ve never experienced one of these you’re missing out! Each of the 5 preachers were given a 10 minute allottment of time to preach. The hosting pastor was timing us and as soon as we reached our limit he would ring an old-fashioned cow bell signifying our time was up, we then had to stop, sit down, and the next preacher then launched into his message. Bro. Bragg preached a powerful message entitled “The Precious Blood of Christ”. Unbelievable message! Then Brother Sisk preached the truth about how all have sinned but followed up wonderfully with the gospel message. Very convicting yet compassionate! Then I preached an abbreviated message entitled “The Pleasures at God’s Right Hand”. Bro. Taylor then preached a challenging fiery message entitled “Just Do It!” In it he urged everyone to get busy for the Lord, worship the Lord, work for the Lord, and so on…He was fired up and urged us to do the same! Then host pastor Kevin Gibson preached how Jesus is the foundation for all great and wonderful things! He preached with passion, zeal, energy, and excitement! We then took a break to do what Baptists do best, EAT!!!
We came back into the service after getting our bellies full and The Heavenly Echoes sang wonderfully for us. Then it was on to Cowbell Service Round 2!! Each preacher preached 5 minutes for this round which took us right to midnight at which point we stopped and prayed in the new year as the clock struck 12

Papyrus font purposely left intact for effect.