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E-mails From Fundies

Today’s e-mail comes from Jerry Kaiser

Stuff Fundies Like Contact: You guys are a joke!

I am disgusted with you and your website. Any logical thinking person
that reads any drivel you put on your page can clearly see your bias
against fundamentalism. I would welcome a face to face debate with any
of your truth-challenged “contributors”. I am guessing that you could
nor get real jobs with a reputable news reporting agency and you have
fabricated this garbage. You clearly are troubled people.

And yes, his e-mail address is @juno.com

But that’s not all there is to the story. A quick search shows me that a Jerry Kaiser is the youth pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church of Walker, Michigan. This is the church of “pastor” Tedd Butler who was recently featured in our news section being brought up on charges of child rape.

If you are, in fact, the same Mr. Kaiser then I marvel at your misplaced sense of moral outrage, sir. Perhaps your disgust should not be with this website but rather with the evil that has been reported in your own midst committed by your own leader. You can feel free to debate me on this point (face to face or otherwise), but I will submit to you that child rape is a much graver crime than poking fun at someone on the Internet.