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FWOTW: JamesKnox.com

There’s a general rule when it comes to fundy church websites: if the URL of the church website is the name of the pastor, run away!

This week’s pick jamesknox.com(also the home of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand, Florida) certainly fits the bill. Here you’ll find prominent displays of Bro. Knox’s self-proclaimed “classic sermons”, thoughts (on Tiger Woods: “Why anyone is surprised that a man who curses the name of Jesus Christ over a poorly hit golf ball would be unfaithful to his wife is a mystery to me.”), commentary, and radio broadcasts as well as the ubiquitous Bible school. As for that last please note that the school does not have “Banquets, dances, festivals and other thinly disguised observances of pagan holidays.” and “nothing in place to promote romance among our students.” So there. Bro. Knox evidently keeps busy.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the 2009 Bible conference which includes one shot of the preacher kissing (sniffing?, licking?) his Bible, some great examples of sign-holding evangelism, and more collared shirts than you can shake a stick at.