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Imprecatory Psalms

Fundamentalists love the Psalms — especially the ones that involve praying down destruction, despair, and dental catastrophes upon their enemies. Having ones posterity cut off is also a sure crowd-pleaser.

It’s well enough to contemplate the psalms about the Good Shepherd or the beauty of a creation that proclaims the glory of a powerful God — if you’re a namby pamby, happy clappy, flowers and sunshine type, that is. But if you really want to get your righteous blood pumping there’s nothing that can compare to the joy of praying for liberals, Democrats, and compromisers to have their children left fatherless and their wife made a widow. And it’s all Biblical! Sorta.

Everyone would do well to step lightly around the fundamentalist who is armed with imprecatory parallelisms — especially if they value their jaw teeth and would like to avoid being smitten on the hip and thigh.

“We’ll be praying for you”…who knew it was such a threat?