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E-mails From Fundies: Jason Edition

I never cease to wonder why people at the same time claim that

1) I am not talking about their brand of fundamentalism because THEIR church/pastor/camp/choir/bus ministry/church dungeon is NORMAL.


2) They’re upset at me for making fun of crazy fundamentalism (that again they aren’t actually a part of in any way, shape, fashion, or form).

So if I’m not goring your ox then when all the crying? There’s something very strange there. Perhaps it’s just that they really, really don’t want to have to take “Independent Fundamental Baptist” off their church sign to keep from being associated with the crazies. If that’s the case then that ship has long since sailed, my friend.

Case in point is this creatively spelled e-mail from “Jason”

I came across your website about 6 months ago. I attend an IFB church.
I have been there since 13. Our church is not perfect but we have not
experienced the stupidity that you write about. Our Pastor doesn’t
preach his opinions, doesn’t degrade women, use the pulpit as a
whipping post etc. In fact we don’t do much anymore with other IFB
churches. I think that there is an arrogance about men yelling that
they are ifb’s. I stick with Christian. Baptist history is so rich but
what happens when the name begins to take on a different meaning. I
guess what I am saying is that I follow the Bible. I see the nonsense
but I was curious about who you are. I’m not a fan David Cloud but I
am not a fan of you neither. All I am saying is that your not helping
Christianity by your “humor.” I’ll be honest and say that if you put a
microscope over my life you would find alot of imperfection. I see no
credibility in what you do. Your site just adds to confusion as you
sew discord and write about foolishness.


Thank you for that note, Jason. I’ll try to take it easy on sewing discord. Perhaps I’ll take a turn at doing macrame with discord instead.