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Sri Lanka Sunday: Hungry Like The Wolf


In 1982, Duran Duran filmed the music video for their hit song Hungry Like The Wolf in the jungles of Sri Lanka. In that context the word “hungry” doesn’t mean physical hunger, of course, but I can’t help but think of the different types of hunger that that we’ll be meeting in Sri Lanka in a few short days.

Hunger for nutritious food.

Hunger for knowledge.

Hunger for a peaceful future.

Hunger for hope that tomorrow can be a little better than today was.

I also have a hunger as we set out on this journey. I have a yearning in my soul to help us all to meet the children of Sri Lanka in a way that opens our hearts and captures our collective imagination. I want to join you in a great big beautiful dream of children with plenty to eat, with good educations, and futures that are bright. And I want to inspire us to work together to make that happen.

But prepare yourself! No dream comes without a cost. It will take our time to stop and see the need. It will take a risk of sharing someone’s pain to let our hearts be open. It may take a little of our hard-earned money to help this child right now who is waiting for one of us to help them get that hope and share that dream.

I too am hungry like the wolf. I’m on the hunt and I’m after you to have your life changed as we help change the lives of a generation in Sri Lanka on child at a time.