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It’s May and every Fundy U is preparing for one of the biggest events of the year: graduation.

Fundy U Seniors spend their days preparing for exams, making wedding plans for ten minutes after graduation, and trying their best not to get expelled in the last three days. That last is not nearly as easy as it seems for after enduring four years of pressure from rules and regulations a lot of students have just stopped caring. There are always a few who just can’t seem to finish the course.

The dreams that lie ahead of these Fundy U grads are large. There are exciting opportunities in everything from fundy schools and fundy churches, to ministry positions fundy food service. And for those who didn’t manage to snag a spouse in the first four years, there is also the option to stay for another couple years of grad school and try again.

So to those who are going to walk across the stages of various Fundy institutions and reap the reward of four years of blood sweat and tear by getting a degree that is barely worth the paper it is written on, I say “God Bless You.” I’ve been there and I can tell you that after a few years of deprogramming and therapy that it really does get better.

Relax. Play some music that doesn’t check. Breathe a deep lungful of unregulated air. It’s time to start the healing process.