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The Street Preacher’s Manual

**Some pages may contain embedded audio.**

Although we featured soulwinning.info as a FWOTW over a year ago, someone recently sent me a link to this page which is was featured on that larger website. How could I possible resist sharing a manual on street preaching that is featured on chick.com?

What’s really interesting about this manual is that the author is obviously trying to to appear reasonable and nice. He purports to stand against obnoxious evangelism techniques while he himself uses slurs and recalls the time he was tempted to preach “on integration” at a civil right rally.

I salute you, Gerald Sutek. You’re a cautionary tale to us all. Be sure to check out the rest of the content on streetpreaching.com as well

Update 1: Do be sure to check out the photos page as well for lost more fundy goodness.

Update 2: A big shout out to Rob James who sent this link along! Thanks.