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A Fundy Free Day

Today I have a gift to give you all. I declare this day, the 8th of September, to be a Fundy Free day. I invite you all to take this day and with it pretend (to the extend that you are able) that fundamentalism and it’s ills and snares simply do not exist. Rise from your place and take a walk. Read a book. Say a prayer. Call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Turn up the radio and sing until your lungs ache.

And if upon this day you are a student or staff member at some fundamentalist institution and cannot very well completely ignore where you are then I would bid you to commit some small random act of disobedience today such as will leave a smile on your face through other days to come. Sneak out. Live free. Breathe a little unregulated air and know that life is still full of good things and freedom waits just around the next corner.

For it’s little good to be free if you spend every day obsessed with peering back into your old cage and rattling the dusty chains you find there. I love you all and I’ll see you again tomorrow.