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Friday Challenge: Be Resolved

image by Nevit Dilmen

Christmas is now over for everybody but the billion followers of the liturgical calendar. For the rest of us, it’s time to do our penance for our celebrations by setting goals for the new year to be nicer, get healthier, and stop yelling at traffic.

Today’s challenge is to make a fundy resolution. Make it high-minded to the point of being impossible, self-righteous to the point of being intolerable, and just weird enough to make sure nobody else will have already shared it the next prayer meeting when you tell everybody how the Lord “laid it on your heart.”

I personally am going to take my Bible everywhere I go. My big family Bible that weighs 8 pounds. Even to the bathroom.

Friday Challenge: Be Thankful(ish)

photo by By Dennis Crowley

Today’s challenge is to give something for which you are thankful in the style of a fundamentalist humble brag.

I am thankful that I got 20 people saved this last weekend.

I am thankful that I have never even tasted beer.

I am thankful that I have no clue what the inside of a movie theater looks like or how great their sound systems are or how exorbitant the popcorn prices are…