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Sri Lanka Sunday: Spice


Did you know you have a little bit of Sri Lanka in your kitchen? Cinnamon trees are only native to the island of Sri Lanka and every cinnamon tree in the world is a descendant of one there! Go ahead, open up that spice canister and take a whiff. A few hundred years ago that spice was so rare it was considered and appropriate gift for royalty.

These days cinnamon is so common that we barely even think about it as we sprinkle it our oatmeal or lavish it on our baked goods. But for the next week or so I’d like you to do something for me: whenever you smell cinnamon think of Sri Lanka and if you pray, say a prayer for the kids there waiting for someone to change their lives through sponsorship.

It’s less than two weeks now until we head out! I can’t wait to get there and start sharing the stories of Sri Lanka with you all.