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The Best of 2013

Looking back across the year here are the posts that made a splash in 2013.

Having a Hissy Fit From the Pulpit

Jim Standridge’s rant went truly viral ending up on CNN, Fox, and being covered by countless Internet sources. Let’s hope that in 2014 Young Cox manages to continue establishing his kingdom in the video room. Other videos such as Larry Smith Yelling and Larry Brown Smashing a Television were also popular.

The Pre-Courtship Questionnaire

The Pre-Courtship Questionnaire struck a nerve with a lot of people leaving us all to wonder if anybody finally managed to measure up or if this person is consigned to perpetually be trimming their wick alone.

Act III: Keeping Up Appearances (No Matter The Cost)

A personal trip down memory lane about shared experiences at my alma mater elicited a lot of responses from people who had their own horrifying stories from Fundy U. The story then continued in Act IV: End of Days.

Why Don’t They Just Leave?

There were many responses to this post directed at those who ask why fundamentalists who are so damaged don’t just leave. Breaking free is never an easy task — though infinitely worth it even though sometimes we find ourselves Pining for the Leeks and Garlic.

Just Following the Bible

Finally, there was a lot of good conversation the topic of people who claim to “Just Follow the Bible.” Because anybody who thinks that is a simple matter is probably doing it wrong.

Special mention goes to the Tell a Whopper Friday challenge that received over 1,000 responses leading me to the conclusion that you people just really love to tell tall tales. And I’m so glad you do.

Did you have a favorite fundy moment from 2013? Please feel free to share.