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Assuming the Worst

Suspicion is the rule of the day in fundamentalism. While one may make exceptions for pastors, deacons, or the president of the local Fundy U, the actions of all others must be immediately attributed to the worst possible motives. Whatever the news from those outside the camp, it must be some new scheme of the Enemy.

Is the Baptist church down the street replacing its wooden pews with padded chairs? They must be “seeker sensitive” and trying to draw people in with something other than the Gospel!

Did a well-known philanthropist just donate millions to charity? He must be a Catholic trying to work his way to heaven!

Was there a recent fad involving teenagers wearing, doing, or saying something odd? It must be an attempt on the part of Hollywood, the Illuminati, and a postman named Bob from Fresno to subvert our youth and turn them into sex-crazed drug fiends.

Whatever the story or event, you can be guaranteed that a fundamentalist will be able look beyond the headlines and find the root of liberal deceit. It’s quite a talent.