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New Year, New Feature

On a pretty regular basis I get requests for new features in the comment section. With hundreds of comments posted each week, folks want more ability to edit, quote, search, etc. Basically, we’ve reached the point where the blog comment function is just not up to the needs of the ever-growing community who chat on here.

In recognition of that reality, I’m trying something new (or old depending on how long you’ve been hanging around here) by adding a forum that will host the comments on the blog posts as well as giving you all the ability to create off-topic discussions of your own.

You can find it here: stufffundieslike.com/forum You’ll need to register for an account before posting which should take all of 10 seconds.

This will give you all more power in how you comment and communicate but, as old uncle Ben said, that means you also have a greater responsibility. Post wisely.

For the time being, I’m leaving the comment section on the blog itself live until I can get the bugs worked out of the new software and see if it’s something that’s going to work for us. As always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated. I’m sure there will be a few bumps along the way.


A Comment on Comments

I’ve been working tonight to change the style of our comments here to a more threaded style so it’s easier to follow exactly who’s responding to whom.

To reply to a specific person’s comment, just click the reply button to the right and your reply will then show up underneath the comment to which you are responding.

Clear as mud?

Programming Note

I’ve decided that any further follow up posts on the Trinity case or related matters  will be done at my personal blog as opposed to putting them here.

I know a lot of folks enjoy the healing-through-humor style of posting and I’d hate to think that someone would show up here looking for a few laughs and end up with the emotional trauma of an IFB flashback instead.

For those folks who follow in twitter, I’ll tweet out whenever I post material on my blog that may be of general interest to readers here.

Now back to it…