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Fabulous Fundy Fiction Favorites: Al Lacy

Al Lacy bears the distinction of being the creative force behind the most gut-wrenchingly awful Western fiction known to man. So inevitably he’s also very widely read and enjoyed in fundamentalist circles.

How young fundamentalist hearts thrill to the tales of a man named John Stranger who bears a striking resemblance to the Lone Ranger — or would if the Lone Ranger always witnessed to people right after he shot them and made sure they prayed a sinners prayer before they faced eternity. Bravo!

He can also ride and shoot better than John Wayne and Roy Rogers combined, leaves silver medallions to mark his passing, and has been known to shoot bad guys from the pulpit in the middle of delivering a sermon. What’s not to love?

As one character in the story explains:

In addition to being able to having a glinty smile and being able to shoot better than anybody in the whole world, John Stranger also gets people saved. Lots of them. Consider the case of Corporal Lenny Pinder:

I have to to quietly wretch now. If you’re up for more John Stranger antics, you can read more excerpts at Google Books.