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GOH: The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy

Let’s mark Christmas Eve this year with a carol that I’ve never heard performed in a fundamentalist church. (or at least not one in this country).

I appreciate one thing about my West Indian upbringing and that is the simple lesson that if your song is about something joyful it should SOUND and LOOK joyful. It would seem obvious but it’s something so often missed in the music debate.

Christmas Wishes

Botticelli Nativity

I have but two wishes this Christmastide
Let peace be on earth and let goodwill abide.
Not the peace of a tyrant who silences voices
But the peace of people who make different choices
Yet still find a pathway to love one another
Then goodwill is found: each preferring the other
and making a stand on not only what’s true
but treating each one how you wish they’d treat you.
So for peace and goodwill I ask: let it remain
For a day or a week or a year let love reign.


I’m heading on the road for Christmas so this next week will be quite sparse on posting. Feel free to use the comments on this post to share your Christmas wishes, memories, and the general chatter of the season.