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  1. Have a great vacation, Darrell and family. This cartoon made me laugh way too hard.

  2. In the next frame, the car gets pancaked by a runaway freight-train, and Johnny goes to heaven, while Ronnie’s burst juvenile corpse gets dragged to one hour of burning hell.

    It’s a Chick tract.

  3. Have a awesome time man.Be safe. Yeah I went through ACE education through a super strict independent apostolic church…not cool….not cool AT all. It was like 2 years behind normal public schools and it screwed me when I left and went to a private school 2 years AHEAD of public schools so 4 years behind technically. That and it was super strict and chapel was a harsh gripe fest ruled by fear.

  4. So the US Supreme Court decided today that same gender marriages are legal in the US and states must accept legal same gender marriages from other states. The next few days should make for some…interesting…news. People like Steven Anderson will pull out all the stops. I have no doubt that the above drawing is indicative of the fundy statements about to come out: “We are trying to show them Jesus and they just refuse to listen and want nothing to do with him”.

    1. How long will it be before Stevie-boy trips and falls out of the closet? I give him five years at the most.

    2. I see fundy FB has already blown up with all of the posts about this is judgment day, Jesus’ return is imminent, blah blah blah blah.
      Unfortunately most fundies will not understand that this was not a religious decision (as are none of the SCOTUS decisions) it was a legal one. Now people of the same sex can enjoy the legal and financial benefits of marriage. Period. I live in New York, where same-sex marriage has been legal for some time, and contrary to some people’s opinion I do not have the urge to marry a German Shepard.

      1. My wife calls our lab my second wife. Maybe you should try a different breed.

        1. Well there is that poodle up the street. I had not seen her over the winter but last week she was out in the yard. Wow! She really grew up. I might have pay her a visit.

          Any ideas where I could take her on a date?

        2. Now I am getting Amazon adds for books about German Shepherds. Serves me right.

        3. Now I’m getting ads for German shepherds too. They are really not my type…

      2. A guy I used to date just posted, “I’m not offended by gay marriage. I just hope it isn’t forced on anyone.”

        I. . .what? I’m from Massachusetts, Home of the Free and Land of the Gays, and we’ve had marriage equality for over 11 years now. So far, I have not been forced to marry a woman. But, I mean, I only skimmed the decision so maybe I missed something.

        Is it too late to request that my new mandatory lesbian partner be good at housework? Because I’ve been traveling a lot lately and my apartment could use a little TLC.

        1. What did he mean by forced? If he meant being forced to marry someone then of course that is ridiculous. On the other hand I can tell you that in my work environment we are “forced” to accept the LGBT mindset.

          One example is a person that was genetically male and went through the change to become a woman. At one point we were all told to start using the pronoun her and she changed her name. Ok, I really don’t care, but she also started using the ladies room and it made most of the ladies very uncomfortable to be in the ladies room with her. One of the ladies tried to speak to management about it and was transferred out to a dead end thankless job at lower pay. This let everyone know that there would be no discussion on how to resolve the issue to everyones satisfaction, only the rights of one person mattered and everyone else would be forced to accept it.

          The idea that people will be silenced through fear and intimidation instead of having an open and honest conversation about how to move forward is what he probably meant by being forced.

          In 2003 the supreme court decided a case, Lawrence vs. Texas, which struck down all sodomy laws in the US. Clarence Thomas wrote the dissenting arguments in the case saying that the decision would open the door gay marriage. The LGBT crowd at the time denied that was their intent and claimed they just wanted to be left alone and live in peace. Here we are 12 years later and SCOTUS legalized gay marriage. Decisions have a far reaching impact and the dissenting arguments often show what those are. There is a legitimate concern that this will have a negative impact religious organizations, starting with Christian colleges and clergy performing wedding ceremonies.

          With all that said did the court make the right decision? I have no idea, I’m not that smart. I’m just going to enjoy watching the fundies heads blow up as the talk about the end of the world.

        2. Heterosexuals do sodomy too.

          The SCOTUS ruling had nothing to do with sex. It is about legal, financial and end of life rights stuff. Pretty mundane everyday things we all have to deal with. Now the gays can deal with them the same way heteros do.

        3. Forced? We’re going to be forced to marry same-sex partners?
          No, we’re not. Nobody’s forced to marry anybody.

          And if clergy who don’t want to ever get forced (by the government) to officiate at same-sex weddings, I’ll eat my shoes.

        4. Correction: SCOTUS did not legalize gay marriage. They ruled that prohibiting gay marriage was unconstitutional, which it is. Fundies may not like this, but outlawing gay marriage would require a change in the constitution, most likely in the form of a bill. For my part, I am happy that the Western principles of democracy have won the day.

      3. Seriously. They can cry all they want but I’m glad people who love each other and pay taxes can have the same benefits that I do being heterosexual and married. Fundies think that the country should be governed by the Bible… really? Then we can use it to justify slavery, hate crimes and all manner of intolerance. Of course to their credit they would probably feel more at home establishing a The Fundamentalist State and living by Levitical law. That just doesn’t work in any other society… oh wait except for one. hmmm

        1. On the one hand, that would be horrible.
          On the other hand … concubines … multiple wives … hmmm.

        2. Clergy are not and never have been forced to officiate at a religious wedding. That would be a violation of the Freedom of Religion clause in the U.S. Constitution.

          I have turned down a few weddings for various reasons not having to do with the genders of the couple. One couple, for example, wanted me to cancel my regular Sunday church service so I could officiate at their wedding in a country club.

          Nope. Find someone else.

        3. Some Christians have expressed concern that church pastors, ministers, priests etc may eventually forced to participate in gay weddings. Ministers and pastors *can* refuse to marry someone, for whatever reason, but a lot of businesses have discovered that it is homophobic to refuse a request from a gay person or couple, and a church could possibly be treated like any other business…. Just a thought…

        4. In Britain there is element within the GayRights movement that wants to remove a church’s right to opt out of Gay marriage. In their thinking, Why should a church be treated differently from any other institution, and be allowed to discriminate?

        5. In Northern Ireland where I live, gay marriage is NOT legal – but then again we are all viewed by more “liberal” societies as reactionary bigots. A recent referendum in the Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage, (but that may have been partially in reaction to the absolute control that the Catholic church used to hold over every aspect of society there, before all the child-sex scandals involving Catholic priests caused irreparable damage to the Church). I am not in favour of Same-sex marriage, and feel some degree of concern that Gay Rights can far outweigh the rights of anybody else, but I do wonder what a lot of fundies would talk about if issues like this did not come along to rattle their cages.

    3. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of Fundy heads exploding over the next couple of days.
      Pro tip: Wear a raincoat, and eye protection, when you go out in public.

    4. Yea, Steven Anderson, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t said anything negative about native Americans but he has against the Jews. He has an entire video about how the holocaust didn’t happen and how it was a big conspiracy about money. Of course he couches the whole thing in statements of “I’m not racist”, “I’m as not racist as you can get”, and “we just want to look at the facts”. Mr. Anderson, just because you say your not racist doesn’t mean your not.

    5. I’ve said it before, but every time somebody says “I’m not a racist, but …” the next thing out of his/her mouth is going to be very racist.

    6. And it’s a great day to be on vacation with my fiancรฉ. Soon we won’t be subjected to different rules as we go from state to state.

      Love Wins!!! I’m going to have a cocktail or two and wait for the celebratory fireworks.

      1. Congratulations, JLH!

        Hmm, I didn’t get struck by lightning just now. But then, I haven’t hit ‘post’ yet, so.. if nobody hears from me for a while…

  5. I am a degreed and state credentialed teacher, also a graduate of the ACE supervisor training, and taught ACE at all levels in a mission field setting. It has its shortcomings, primarily in the areas of essay writing and algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Also, unless they recently updated them, the high achool business PACES were way out of date. Also a lot of teachers did not like the self scoring, but I set up my learning centers in a way that cheating was nearly impossible. I also taught ABEKA at the elementary level in a local church school setting, and found it a curriculum I was not too enthusiastic about, except in a couple of subject areas. And I absolutely hated their algebra and geometry, refused to use it for those high school classes, substituing it with my own curriculum. I have seen some of the other Christian curriculums, but not used them in the classroom.

    Have a great vacation with your family, Darrell!

    1. Yea, the ACE accounting books were updated in the 1980’s. I was using them in early 2000’s.

  6. Have a great holiday Darrell! I passed through ACE before the cartoon phase and it was the most boring (pro-America– civil rights, KKK–never happened) crap in the world. I did like the reading machine though!!!

  7. Blessings, Darrell!

    Enjoy a good recharge for you and the Dow tribe!

    Christian Socialist

  8. Obviously Ronny is a blatant racist. Jesus is from Guadalajara and apparently Ronny must assume he’s undocumented immigrant. The point of this comic is that it’s non-fundies who are guilty of heinous micro-aggressions :^)

  9. An even better way to answer that question in the comic panel is “Yes I met your friend Jesus: He’s my mom’s paramour.”

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