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  1. Unless I missed it, Still a Fundy does not understand the difference between race and a religion. That is scary. I guess that means part of his missionary work is converting the Chinese to White Americans.

    1. That was the point I was trying to make, well one of them. Glad somebody got it.

    2. so very true. There seems to be many things Still a Fundy cannot differentiate between, which actually makes sense. In a system where the world has to be reduced to only two options (seeing things as right or wrong with no in between or as the saying goes “black and white, with no gray areas) one cannot easily compute those things which are not willing to be reduced to such labels. The world doesn’t fit into the binary view fundamentalists hold.

    3. Note that within five days of SFL’s posting, “This Video Has Been Taken Down By User”. What a coincidence!

  2. I just saw this, two days after it was posted.

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    This has been a major issue of late here in Maine, where a local school board recently voted to keep the name “Indians” for the town’s high school sports teams, even after a contentious community forum and a united appeal by representatives of all four of the state’s Native American tribes, all of whom asserted that the name — and its racist connotations — are insulting: http://www.centralmaine.com/2015/05/07/motion-to-change-skowhegans-indians-nickname-does-not-pass/

    . . . Not to mention the controversies surrounding the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians.

    You’d think that at least fundies — who profess to be Christians — would learn.

  3. Someone at Central Baptist must have found out about this video and got it pulled.

    1. Since as of now the video Never Existed (doubleplusungood ref doubleplusunvideo), can somebody give a summary recap?

      1. A fundy religious club had a fundy academic facility for the kiddies thereof. The academic facility had a hoop team named “Warriors”. To promote school spirit there was a guy dressed in an Indian costume. He not talked good English like white people. It was a mockery and promoted stupid stereotypes.

        To be fair, I didn’t get far into the video before I deemed it too offensive to spend my time on. I heard the costumed guy no talk English goodly for a few sentences and then turned it off.

      2. My summary:
        These characters paused their religious service (or whatever they were doing) for a guy in an offensive parody of Native American dress to come and give a recitation of extremely cliched and insulting “Indian” stereotypes in a fake “Indian” pidgin.

        My analysis:
        It’s one thing to have a sports team in 2015 with an “Indian” name and theme, after all the objections real Native
        Americans have raised to the practice, but this kind of minstrel show is really beyond the pale.

      1. I’m sure they didn’t. I’m also pretty sure that what we said struck a nerve.

        Fundies are people and have consciences, too. Occasionally their conscience tells them they are wrong about the very thing that non-fundies criticize them about. NOT that they would admit it directly, of course. After all, as a fundy you have to be Right. All. The. Time. So you can’t tell people they were right. What you can do is remove the offending article if it is not too important and pretend it never existed. A spark of conscience. Not too much. But a little bit.

        Of course, they will still defend the owner of the Redskins. Repentance must never go so far as to give any nonfundy a reason to think the fundies had second thoughts about anything.

        After all, Fundamentalism is still at war with everyone else. It must be strong. It is right because it is fundamentalism.

        1. I think it has less to do with fundies having a conscience and more to do with trying to save both faces

  4. Wow. I was reading the comments here. First off, to add a little context to what I am going to say, I am a white guy married to a black woman. I know first hand of the prejudices within the fundy ranks. I could tell you personal experiences that still send me into a complete tizzy but thats another story. I despise the crazy, ultra fundy nutcases out there as much as any of the rest of you but turning this into what most of you have tried to turn it into?
    Its absolutely ridiculous. Its almost as if many of you are just looking for ways you can be offended. Wondering if many of you were behind this movement to kill the tomahawk chop in professional sports or to try to separate Atlanta from the Braves. Its insanity. Newsflash. EVERYONE gets offended by something. Move on. Pull your pants up. Take responsibility for yourselves. Stop trying to find the hidden racism cloaked behind every little nook and cranny. While I have been offended by overt racism, this was a stupid, very UNfunny skit that has been made into some huge thing. I am sorry if you are offended. I am sorry if your ancestors were Indians that were mistreated by the evil white man. Funny the atrocities of the whites against Indian – AND YES. I SAID “INDIAN”. Sue me. I dont and wont ever use the term “Native Americans”, nor do I use the term “African Americans”. Its stupid. Its just more labels being used to divide and separate Americans from Americans. Dont like it? Tough. Deal with it. Anyhoo – the atrocities of the whites against Indians have been heralded ad-nauseum but the atrocities from Indian to Indian have been whitewashed over and stricken from the history, much the same as has been done in the black vs. white argument. Sure slavery was horrible and wretched and evil and repugnant, but lets not forget – in the interest of being partial and fair – of the many blacks that held slaves and the Indians who held slaves and the Blacks who sold their own people into slavery because of their tribal (racial) hatreds going back 5000 years. I just get sick of all the dividing and all the people looking for a reason to get offended. Grow up and move on. Now I will get off my soap box and wait for the attacks and the calls of “Dat’s racist” that I know are surely coming. Carry On.

    1. AND YES. I SAID “INDIAN”. Sue me. I dont and wont ever use the term “Native Americans”… Its stupid.

      You seem nice.

      “Indian” for the indigenous peoples of North America is an inaccuracy that is a legacy of the early explorers who essentially got lost and landed here. Whether or not your shrunken brain can wrap itself around that fact or not is immaterial to its accuracy.

      {Also, it is “it’s”…]

      1. Thanks for the correction. Have you joined yet with the grammar police? Oh, and how typical. Insult my intelligence because my views go against the status quo that you have bought into. Real original there. Way to miss the entire point as well, you moron.

        1. Your arguments could be copied directly from WorldNetDaily and other racist White Power sites.

          Which gives me further room to doubt your story of being married to a black woman.

        2. Oh I didn’t miss your point, which boils down to “I can’t be racist because I have a black friend.”

          I just didn’t fall for it.

    2. Sure slavery was horrible and wretched and evil and repugnant, but …

      The inevitable ending of the racist. “But.” Finding a way to excuse the inexcusable because somebody else (particularly those with much less power) did wrong, too.

      Married to a black woman? I doubt it. If you are, I hope she sees your post. When you wake up in the middle of next week, you might somehow get the idea that your refusal to be offended at offensive and racist stuff is itself offensive.

      If you do not stand against evil, you are standing with evil. You may not be on the sidelines. You cannot serve God and Mammon. You must choose a Master.

      That black tribes in Africa treated each other horribly is one thing. The Whites who traded for the slaves exacerbated the problem, took it global, magnified it and got rich off it. And you would excuse them with a “but they did it, too!” Such an excuse is beneath contempt.

      No, if you were married to a black woman, you would never spew such nonsense. So pardon me if I do not believe you. Your post has all the markings of a fundy troll, a liar, a person who thinks that being a liar for Jesus is righteousness.

      Or else you are a Poe. But if you are Poe, you did a d*mn fine job of it.

      1. If I recall correctly, relatively few blacks came from Africa as slaves. Most came from the Carribbean.

        1. Hello?! Columbus took them there to convert them. Don’t you know your history? Public fools don’t teach this anymore and neither do the home schoolers obviously.

          Sorry MiriamD. You’re just too easy to troll.

      2. Whatever dude. I have paid for my choices and beliefs in equality by proving them with my actions, while people like you sit behind their keyboards and whine and look for yet another reason to get offended. My wife and I celebrate 11 years this weekend. We have 3 beautiful children together. My wife is well aware of my views and would agree with most of them. Quit twisting my words around in order to try to make me look like something I am not. I never insinuated any kind of “but they did it too” bull malarkey. I pointed out the hypocrisy in focusing and endlessly promoting the horrible actions of one group of people towards another, while conveniently painting over and never discussing the atrocities of the other group. A liar for Jesus? What do you know of my thoughts on Jesus? Quit looking for a way to be offended and quit whining.

        1. Whites had the major power. They were the impetus behind the worldwide phenomenon of black slavery. It was the domination of one racial group over another.

          No reputable historian claims that minority racial groups did everything right. But that does not excuse the wrongs the majority racial group did.

          You need to learn to express yourself clearly, because your words ARE precisely the excuse used by racists today of “but they did it too.” Precisely. You can go to many a white power site and find your very complaint. You might wish to be careful where you get your viewpoints from.

          I came from a white supremacist background. I know whereof I speak. It is a disgusting argument.

      3. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. A liberal college edumucater – and I did say “edumucater” – attacking me for my having MY OWN VIEWPOINT and not buying into your whiny, everyone’s persecuting the Indians bullhockey over a stupid, idiotic video. That was all I needed to see. ‘Splains it all. Sure you dont want some cheese with your whine? You folks live for this crap and most of you are the essence of hypocrisy. You dont like those who dont bow down to your agenda. You just cannot believe that a white guy could fall in love and marry a black woman and still be a conservative. You probably expect me to look like a white wanna-be rapper or you expect me to be on the front lines, protesting over gay marriage because after all “interracial marriages were once illegal too!” You whine constantly about stereotyping and turn around and attack others who dont fit your own stereotype.
        Whatever dude. You will never have a clue as to how much I have paid because of my belief in absolute racial equality. No clue. My wife and I celebrate 11 years marriage this weekend and have been together for 18 years now. We have 3 beautiful children together. My own fundy father refused to marry us. I was mocked by some of my own family. So yea, I have paid a price for my beliefs. What have you done, besides attack people who dare disagree with you from behind your little keyboard? My wife is well aware of my views and would agree with most of them. Quit twisting my words around in order to try to make me look like something I am not. I never insinuated any kind of “but they did it too” bull malarkey. I pointed out the hypocrisy in focusing and endlessly promoting the horrible actions of one group of people towards another, while conveniently painting over and never discussing the atrocities of the other group as well as to point out my opinion that this video was not a big deal. Wouldnt agree with these folks on probably anything else, but didnt see how this was so offensive. A liar for Jesus? What do you know of my thoughts on Jesus? How do you even know I believe in Jesus? Quit ‘yer bit*@#n’ and get on with it.

        1. This video was about a racist caricature of Native Americans. That was what was being discussed.

          There is no “Rule of Liberalism” that requires each injustice to be equally discussed any time one particular injustice is being discussed.

        2. Using the term liberal is not an insult AndSometimesY. It really isn’t.

          And it seems you have learned how to copy and paste. Bravo.

      4. All or most, relatively primitive people treated each other horrible. Just call them people. That is no excuse to mock the culture of people, any people. The fact that Africans enslaved each other does not matter, the fact that Natives on this continent had raids where they stole woman and slaughtered people does not matter any more than the atrocities committed by the Romans and the Iceni or Brigantes. We are not discussing that, it has no bearing on the topic at hand. Blowing smoke is not a valid argument. What was done is done, what we do now matters. We try to grow and dare I say it, Christians try to grow in grace. This video had nothing to do with grace.

    3. A troll’s a troll.
      Respond to this guy if you have nothing better to do than hang out under his bridge.

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